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Dear Friends,

The Sirkis/Bialas IQ is going to record a new album (It`s our second one). I`d like to take you with us for a journey of creating an album from the scratch and everything involved in such production. Many of you might wonder how much work and effort it takes to get from an idea to the final product and how many different stages of development are involved in this process... We`d like to share our experiences with you and let you to take part in it. We do the entire job by ourselves so an album is literally our "new baby"...

Before the recording we are going to rehearse and tour a lot, so the music will be already sattled and organic in the moment of recording.

This tour will be supported by Arts Council England. Many Thanks for that!

Me and Asaf needed some new, actual pictures. We`ve asked our talented friend & photographer Monika S. Jakubowska to do a Fotosession with us. Thanks Moni - for the great Session!


Aaaand here the results. I`ve already designed some new posters and feedback cards for the next tour!

Also our feedback cards are ready and printed.

Asaf is our manager and coordinates our tour, which is a hell of a work to do. I`m taking care of all the designs, press infos and social media presence.

Here the latest Newsletter:


The posters, inside of the envelopes :

and ready for a trip to the venues...

Even things such as "DO NOT BEND" stickers matter, if it is about getting the posters "untouched" to their destination...

Writing music for a new album is the most pleasant but also the most time consuming process. Asaf and I have completely different ways to approach composing. This makes the whole thing very exciting. Recording the tons of ideas, picking the best parts, creating new forms, thinking about the entire sound, listening to what we`ve done and discussing the possibilities...We both love it. The only thing is that sometimes we`re so absorbed with all the admin and organizing around the recording that the creative process becomes very difficult...

Here some fun for you guys in case you don`t know this one yet - John Cleese on Creativity - I think it`s genius... ;-):

We are going to spend the Christmas time on writing music and working out the arrangements for the new compositions. A travel to Poland is on our agenda!

The midi keyboards will travel with us:

Thanks for being with us! We`re keep you updated with all the news and are looking forward to see you on the road soon....

Much love,

Sylwia, Asaf and The: