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Sirkis/Bialas IQ - Spring Tour 2016, Gig No.9 at The Bancourt Hotel, Torquay ,UK

Hello dear Friends!

Today we got stranded in a fairytale made in Devon. No jokes - I haven`t seen such fantastic and romantic landscapes and ambience since I moved to UK.

We left our hotel in Charlestown pretty early to get some rest in the next B&B before the gig at the Bancourt Hotel.

Our lovely, warmhearted hosts David and Hilary opened up for us the doors of their fantastic cottage surrounded by the lush garden full of blooming apple trees, ruins of some “ancient” buildings, chilled out and lazy sheep chewing grass starring at you when you attempt to start any reasonable conversation with them…;-)


Hilary is a specialist in weaving baskets and an enthusiastic collector of baskets of all kinds from all over the world.

The cottage was full of different art - works and furnished with some passion and love to the tasteful detail. I couldn`t resist wondering around and discovering the different rooms and spaces of this magical place... Certamic lizzards climbing the walls, seashells, paintings and sculptures... Do you feel the tickling in your fingertips? ;-)

I really love this sculpture of two faces changing their expressions when looked at from different perspectives and angles... Aspecially the play of chiaroscuro makes a difference...

After some rest in our cosy bedrooms, we started getting ourselves ready for the gig at the next venue. As we found out later we were the first, live music - act playing at the Bancourt Hotel.

An interresting "invention" against plaing too loud ;-))))). The peacemaker ;-P

Dave made a massive promotion for this evening but the “tearing” weather and the fact that it was the first music event in this place made people rather to stay in their warm homes then to attend to the gig. The audience was very small but fortunately so enthusiastic about the music that the good vibe filled the venue straight away and accompanied us till the end of the gig compensating the low attendance. We sold some CD`s and got plenties of warmth and appreciation after the concert. If this little amount of people reacts in such way on live music - it will be a real fun to come back there and play in front of bigger audience.

Here a picture from the gig by Fougou Media:


It was lovely to come back to the dreamy cottage and sip some late red wine chatting with David and Hilary.

The morning welcomed us with the delicious, fresh breakfast prepared by our hosts.

We had a relaxed morning, then said "goodbye" to our hosts and the lovely cottage (and I said farwell to my new friend - “Mr. Staring - Ram”)

and got ready for the way to the next destination of our tour - the Calstock Arts Centre...

Dear David, dear Hilary, thank you for having us! We wish you good Luck with the new music venue and hope to see you soon again!