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Sirkis/Bialas IQ - Spring Tour 2016, Gig No.11 at The Alex, Felixtowe, UK

Dear Friends,

Here an update from the gig at The Alex in Felixtowe.

Some cloudy drama on the way to the venue...

The Alex is a very modern place situated straight on the coast, close to the beach in Felixtowe.

And here, "Farty the parkingspacestealer", a little, cute symbol of a van-driver-parking-place-frustration :-)))

Soundcheck with a view on the sea...

A beautiful, rainy seaside - view and some delicious food...

Frank subconsciously created a simulation of a sunset on our table but I couldn`t help turning it into an apple-juice arrangement ;-P

The gig was very nice, as the acoustic of the venue is very clear and the audience attentive.


My "patriotic" outfit ;-):

After the gig we had to split in 2 cars again which almost caused a collision! Hahah, of course nothing bad happened and it ended in a big laugh but I guess it is more safe for us to stick to our touring van ... ;-)))

A bloomy good night, everybody! See you again in Liechtenstein!

P.S. Many thanks to our friend Lyndon Regino for taking pictures from the gig. I`ll post them when they`re ready.

Much love,