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Sirkis/Bialas IQ, Summer Tour, Fleece Jazz in Stoke by Nayland, UK

Dear Friends,

Another lovely gig behind us. This time we played at the Fleece Jazz in Stoke by Nayland. 

Frank could`t play with us this time because he became a freshly baked daddy! "Junior - Joe" will probably become a violin- or violoncello - player according to the position of this tiny hand ;-):

These joyful circumstances created an opportunity and a real pleasure to feature our good friend and wonderful pianist - John Turville on the piano and keys. 

Nice to pass all those familiar corners of London, watch the instantly changing landscapes and to chat on the way to the gig...

Clouds mirrored by the tremendous, fully glazed, industrial buildings...I like this blend of geometry invaded by nature...

Streams of pouring rain painted colorful scenes on the windows of our touring - van...It is never boring to travel, even when it rains...

Landscapes were changing drastically the closer we were getting to the venue...

Fleece Jazz is runned by a bunch of nicest people. It was my first time in this place and a very warm and positive experience. It will be lovely to come back here...

Michael, John, David, Carole, Dave, Gerry and Marion, who joined after the picture was taken.

Nice to play together and as John said "it was a good shred " ;-)))!

Here some photo - impressions and a beautiful review from the gig written by David Lyons.

Review by Dave Lyons:

Wall of fame from the club ;-):

Some food after the gig :-)

All in all it was a very nice evening. Thanks to Michael, Dave, David and Carol for a great hosting, hope to see you again!

Time to drive back and say good night...

Bye guys! John, it was great to play together again! Thank you!

Good bye everybody! See you again on the 26th of August at the Glastonbury Jazz. This month I`m going to compose music for a new album and do some writing for my cook book. 

Much love,