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Sirkis/Bialas IQ, Summer Tour, Bocabar in Glastonbury, UK

Dear Friends,

The Sirkis/Bialas IQ`s Summer Tour continues. I`ve been very much looking forward to share with you all our adventures on the road!

Our next stop:


Let`s go!

There would be no touring without some energy! :

I invented a brand new recipe for some serious energy bars with plenties of super foods, nuts, dried fruits and self made peanut butter. This one deserves to be featured in my new cook book :-)! Yum....

And here a genius invention "lounched" the first time during our tour ;-), PORTABLE USB-CHARGED SMOOTHIE MAKERS. Woooh!

Late - Summer vibe hung in the air as we started our trip to Wales. The light was changing constantly...

Mellow landscapes, golden fields and still loads of fresh green everywhere...Awesome... How was that? Right - England is always dump, grey and cold ;-)))

Birds plunching in ponds...

Some serious "swan - break dancing" here! :

A nice graffiti - art on the way:

Glastonbury is an astounding and exciting city full of hippies, art, meditation-groups, mixed, colored communities and open minded people. They have their own spring with great water, plenties of organic gardens, social projects and spiritual gatherings.

Here the Glastonbury Tor. The Tor is mentioned in Celtic mythology particularly in myths linked to King Arthur, and has a number of other enduring mythological and spiritual associations:

I`m not sure what exactly this other hill is. Maybe an ancient pyramid...Everything is possible in this area ;-)...

The Venue where we played our gig is amazing. Created by the local community and offering everything that we love: a corner with some great food, a huge meditation room, a nice stage for gigs, not to forget the art items embellishing the entire location and a small garden with veggies and flowers outside. Awesome...

BOCABAR from outside:


Getting our gear to the venue:

My favorite brick wall:

A view from the venue...

From the inside:

MEDITATION SPACE visible from stage. The light burning in the center of the room has been brought all the way from Tibet...

A very nice picture of Asaf at the Meditation Space:

Stage and rest of the venue with some tasteful details:

Pineapples, flamingos and a touch of India flair:

Enjoying water from the local spring!:


A cosy corner with sofa to relax between the sets:

The gig was pure fun. Wonderful, responsive, warm and open audience, the nicest promoter, great acoustic... No wish left to be open. Hope to see you soon Bocabar!

Thank you Adrian Smith for having us, it was a real pleasure...

Time to have some sleep, we have an early start tomorrow.

Next stop: Fishguard!

Me and Asaf are running a workshop "Breathing rhythms" at the Theater and then we will be plaing a gig at Pepper`s in Fihguard! Looking forward to all of that! See you there, guys.

Much love, and good night!