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SIRKIS/BIALAS IQ - Spring Tour 2017: Valentine`s Special ;-). Gig Nr. 10 at the Queens Head Inn, Monmouth, UK

Dear Peeps,

Today is a Valentine`s day = the shops are full of stressed men buying chocolates and flowers to their Donnas! Frank did it, Kev did it - Asaf - diddddddidididiiidddiid tschak a booom bash! Hahahah

The weather was horrific :-):

I spotted a little friend planning to jump on Asaf`s back while we were leaving the Hotel...

The cars were stucked in cues to the supermarkets and flower shops - panic alarm - time to buy some hearts!!!!

A Foggy Day....

Knocked out by a thunder:

A special dedication to Frank :-DDD:

Time for some romantic music! 10 h should be enough...

Hearts behind the rainy vail :-).... My funny Valentine - LORRY....

Ok...What do you do when the weather is gray and wet and you`re stuck in the car? 

- You play : find the color in the grayness :-))) game, I think I did well:

A happy couple ;-):

Spots of red and green in this grayness...Squeezing...Squeezing...

A running giant! :

Asaf took me to the Jurassic park today :

Then we went to Paris :-D!:

Let`s take this love song to the bridge:

Finally we arrived at the Queen`s head...

Tomorrow we will play a gig at the venue...

We have found a cute, tiny, delicious and natural asian restaurant just round the corner. If you are near - check it out - it`s worth it. No MSG, honest and tasty kitchen - all freshly made...

It was a great dinner...

We had the entire next day to rest and sleep. In the evening we got ready to play at The Queens Head. 

A corner for all the book worms...

The venue inside:

Sound check:

I won a golden medal for originality :-DDD:


More fireflies and some other lighting:

Red light district:

Old yellowish photographies...

So here`s the situation :

The sax player and the trumpetplayer trying to liberate a diva :-). The Bassist and the guitarist stay away- as always. The other trumpeter gave up already. The drummer went to practice - hahahaha

The storry of Queens Head! Behind our gear...

And here`s the real story :

The gig was nice, well attended  and funny too. The comment of the day from an older gentlemen from the audience : "The afrocuban rhythms didn`t quite jell" - ahahahahah. Arrriva ja rivvvvaaaaa! 

The audience that was used to listen to some modern Jazz enjoyed it a lot and bought some CD`s :-)

Good Night Queen`s head!

Many thanks to Neil for having us again and for letting us stay 2 Nights! It was very appreciated!!!

Good night everybody! 

See you soon at the beautiful Xposed Club in Cheltencham......

Much love, 

Sylwia & The Sirkis/Bialas IQ