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Ambleside Days 2017 in memory of John Taylor

John Taylor was and will stay forever my huge musical hero. I love his music, his unique way of playing and writing. The fact that he passed away, left many souls in deep sorrow.

john taylor3.jpg

It was a blessing for me to take part in an event honoring John`s memory. This August in Ambleside Johns friends, colleges and fans connected in an emotional and warm atmosphere to remember...

It was such pleasure to spend 5 beautiful days with Dave Holland, Joe Locke, Gwilym Simcock, Asaf Sirkis, Norma Winstone, Mike Walker, Stan Sulzmann, John Helliwell, Nikki, Iles, James Maddren, Darryl Hall, Mark Lockheart, Steve Watts, their friends and families and to listen to the finest contemporary Jazz in a fantastic natural environment.


A big musical family :


Joe Locke, Johnny Wiles, Rosa Garland, Amanda Garland, Nadja von Massow, Tim Garland, Nick Smart, James Maddren, Stan Sulzmann, Sarah Nesling, Olivia Maguire, Steve Watts, Mike Walker, Helen Mayhew, Dave Holland, Kathianne Hingwan, Gwilym Simcock, Mark Lockheart, Nikki Iles, Sylwia Bialas, Asaf Sirkis, Norma Winstone, Christin Allen, Derek Hook, Max Steuer, Hugh Mitchell, John Helliwell, Paul Walker

Daryl Hall had to leave early in the morning and unfortunately didn`t make it to the group pic.

I bet John would smile about this one :-):

IMG_2564 (1).jpg

Good vibes & sunshine


Magical concerts & magical people:

 Behind the scenes :

Beautiful Lake District:

Fisherman`s cottage:

Mr. Sheepman:

More greenery...