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Sirkis/Bialas Duet : Drums & Voice live at The Lescar in Sheffield

Dear Friends,

I feel very excited to share with you impressions from the gig with our brand new Sirkis & Bialas duet. What started once as a spontaneous performance after a workshop at the Leeds College of Music, emerged into a permanent project. We are having loads of fun playing improvised music and exploring the creative possibilities that the mixture of voice & drums offer us.

It is a beautiful challenge to build up and keep the tension using no harmonic instrument during the performance. We`re enjoying it immensely and as this premiere - gig proofs - so does the audience.

Here our new poster - thanks to Monika S.Jakubowska for the magical pic that I could use designing it.

Photo by MSJ Photography

Photo by MSJ Photography

Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-14 um 03.01.48.jpeg
Photo by MSJ Photography

Photo by MSJ Photography

This wonderful smiling man with a very Jazzy name is our promoter Jez Matthews.

Jez became a Jazz Promoter of the Year in the 2018 Parliamentary Jazz Awards.

It is very easy to understand why - Jez is a hearty, passionate and risk taking live -music supporter who brings unique sounds to Sheffield - thanks for having us , Jez!

Here our decent set up ;-):


The waterphone, wating to awake some ghostly frequencies…


Our fav “flower pot” ;-))):


A Bat Man sign on my throne

Very Christmassy atmosphere at The Lescar

crotales waiting to be resurected:

woMAN in the Mirror:


aquatic monster:

We enjoyed the performance and the atmosphere at The Lescar. The audience was very warm and attentive which made our experience very unique.

After the gig we were invited by Jaz and his wife Helen to stay at their lively home full of colours and “silly things”…A cosy conversation around the Xmas tree closed up this lovely evening.


Welcome to Sheffield…


tired but happy


Shiny leaves on the walls of the bedroom


Lavender flair

Funky lamp:

Funny birds and moustached light switches everywhere :-)

Good morning sunshine! :-) Helen Mathiews


Good bye Xmas tree, good bye Sheffield!Good bye Jez & Helen - Thank you for having us xxx

Time to hit the road & enjoy the December sun!


Some smily - thoughts :-)


cloudy sheep:


Sunny bridges and jumping cars:


Lazy drive…

caught in motion:


The angel wing, the starving moon and the chemtrail whip…:


petrol blue at the petrol station…


dusty charms:

shadowy conversation

December sunsetting:

no snow - winter landscapes:

black n`blue-ish

with a pinch of green and golden…


nature invading the indu-scapes through the glass in motion:

good evening…


Black Old Sun




Jane Eyre`s vibes

dirty rose`

Home at last…


Good night!


Thanks for taking this trip with us,

loads of love and see you on the road…

Sylwia & Asaf