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Hello Chaps! :-)

We are heading to Ireland for two performances and a workshop. Looking forward to see the green gables of the Irish shores!

Very excited.


It is striking how warm, ribald and hearty Irish peeps are. Fell in Love in this Land straight after the landing and still at the airport :-))). Now listen to this slang :

The first evening started with a fantastic dinner at Katie and Neil`s house.

A cheerful evening full of wicked stories and laughter...Lovely people, delicious food. Our hosts Katie Neil and Denise work at the Institute for Conflict research in Belfast. They work everyday to build bridges made of art between people stuck in conflicts and with difficult backgrounds. They make a significant change in lives of those people. It was a great thing to be a part of it and to move their souls with some music.

Institute for Conflict Research in Belfast

Institute for Conflict Research in Belfast


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Those guys are musician fellows from an Indian band. They are also fantastic cooks as we found out after the workshop and a performance at the Institute...

It was a pleasure to meet you guys.

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Here our enchanted B&B : NAMASTE



with it`s wicked owner:


The good witch of Belfast - Paula - our lovely B&B host.

A very expressive painting in one of the rooms ;-)))) ekhm....

A very expressive painting in one of the rooms ;-)))) ekhm....

Kevin and Frank made some new friends...

Loads of scratching and panting... (The dog - not the guys ;-D)

After Asaf`s delicious BIRTHDAY BREAKFAST with some goodies from a great bakery close to the B&B we had some rest till the next gig.

A great restaurant in Belfast close to the venue. Awesome food there.


Belfast by night...

108135 (1).jpg
IMG_8899 (1).jpg

Perfect vibes for our church Organ Pieces...:


Surprisingly good acoustics!


Always a good spirit in this band :-) (Soundcheck)


It was a great gig - lovely audience, great vibe, nice acoustics...

Photo by Mariusz Smiejek

Photo by Mariusz Smiejek

Photo by Mariusz Smiejek

Photo by Mariusz Smiejek

Photo by Mariusz Smiejek

Photo by Mariusz Smiejek

Sacral moods...


Nicest greetings to our new friend and a great photographer: Mariusz Smiejek! It was so nice to chat that evening :-)))

Portrait made by 14yo Ryan

Portrait made by 14yo Ryan


Amazing to finally catch up with Ian Patterson - a journalist and a real m music lover...! Big hugs to you and see you soon again! xxx

ian (1).jpg

A truly great venue...


On the way back we had a hilarious encounter with an Irish cab driver. After the gig our energy was still high so me and Asaf were sitting in the front row behind the driver and were shaking our legs rhythmically without reflecting too much what we are doing. The taxi driver told Asaf to stop shaking his leg because he gets sea sick! We had a huge laugh!


The jokes got more and more funny and the cab driver gave us a juicy "GOOD BYE SHAKERS" ! Ahahahahhhh


Another enjoyable breakfast with some goodies from the unique: BANJO AND BREAD bakery. If you visit Belfast - find it - go there and try their sinful pastries....

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Look at those beauties...

Some Middle Eastern yummies and I truly  couldn`t stop myself from making some pan cakes filled with cream cheese and caramelized peanuts with cinnamon...


The famous Belfast tree alley used in the Game of Thrones...;-)

gameofthronedarkhedges720 (1).jpg

And the mother of dragons herself - hua hua....;-DDDD

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Good Bye Belfast!

Katie, Denise, Neil, Paula and Mariusz, thank you for your hospitality and your great spirits! Hope to see you all again!

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Much love, Sylwia & The Sirkis/Bialas IQ