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Sirkis/Bialas IQ Atumn Tour. The Inkwell, Leeds, UK

Dear Friends, after the "adventurous" night at the Hotel in Newcastle, we brought Kevin to the Train Station. At the next gig we`re looking forward to feature a great musician and a lovely soul - Conor Chaplin! Will be awesome to play together again!

Train Station - Bye Kev! Have a great trip to Japan!!!

Leaving Newcastle...

Panorama from the bridge...


3 friends from the other side of the mirror...

A beautiful weather on way to Leeds. We met three cloudy humpback whales and a floating city hanging over our van :-):

Humpback whale family :-)

Floating City

We got to the venue around midday...

About Inkwell ( text from their website): "A safe creative art space in Leeds"

"Enriching lives through creativity and promoting positive mental health

Inkwell is a safe, creative and accessible space where passion and skills entwine, challenging the stigma of mental health and celebrating the diversity of its participants. It seeks to engage, stimulate and absorb all abilities through creative activity. Users develop life skills such as teamwork and problem solving leading to increased confidence and improved wellbeing.

We are a Leeds Mind Project, a national registered Charity supporting people experiencing mental health difficulties. Leeds Mind provides services throughout the Leeds area and believes that everyone can lead a full, active and rewarding life. We support people to discover their own resources to ‘recover’ and to live life independently with their mental health condition.

Read more About Us"

Inkwell is a very colorful, bright and friendly venue with a nice cafe serving some vegan snacks and cakes, beautiful green garden at the backyard and a little terrace on the sunny side of the building.

Lively and colorful artworks:

Soundcheck and some visible effects of the sleepless night in Newcastle;-):

The effects of a sleepless night ;-) (I`m yawning too behind the camera - trust me):

As Frank said : I became a cable - security - pro, hahah! It actually worked pretty well! No injuries, no uncontrolled flight - trials. Everything o.k. :-)

It was a pleasure to play at the Inkwell! Nice audience, a helpful and kind promoter. It was also very good to support a venue engaged in service to others...Please take a moment and watch the video:


Time to pack our gear and head back home.

Tomorrow is Conor`s BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday Mate! Here some polish apple pie for ya! :-)

Next time a real one - promise ;-) XXX:

While setting off the gear me and Frank started automatically to whistle in unison all the themes from Alan Pasqua`s album "The New Old Friend" that was playing in the background - another memory causing some smiles...:-))) A beautiful album it is...

Sunny afternoon in Leeds! :

Amazing sunscapes :


this one was just stunning...

Our van got the sunset vibe as well :-):

Through the tunnel into the night...

Some new konnakol composition on the road:

Almost at home...What an intense and great time it was again. Some new contacts, precious encounters, overwhelming beauty of the Autumn nature and our band sounds absolutely like a band not like another project:-). Many things to feel happy thankful for.  Time to sleep and rest...

Thank you my friends for following our adventures and for reading this blog... It is a joy to be able to share all that with you and to support the Jazz Venues. I hope you enjoy the read...Thanks to this blog it is NEVER boring to sit for hours and hours in the car!

Much love to all of you and see you soon in Coventry! Sylwia & The