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Sirkis/Bialas IQ Autumn Tour, The Globe, Newcastle,UK

Dear friends, this time I`d like to invite you to share with us the memories from the awesome gig at The Globe in Newcastle. On the same day before the gig me and Asaf were running a workshop `Breathing Rhythms`at The Sage in the same city. To avoid any stress before the gig we decided to set up our gear at the midday, just before the workshop started. The promoters of The Globe made it possible for us - many thanks for that!

Here the venue:

The Globe is a wonderful cosy and creative place runned by the nicest people. It is always important to show the appeciation and recognition to all that promoters that put their entire hearts in running the venues like this one. Places where you feel that you`re welcome and treated with warmth and kindness and where you`re taken care of in the best possible way. Debra Milne (jazz singer herself) and all the staff from the Globe definitely make this place very special! Big Thank You for that :-)!!!

After the workshop at The Sage, Debra gave us a lift to the venue,

where Frank and Kevin were already waiting for us :-).

A little "selfie", as I mostly stand behind the cam ;-):

Here my favorite corners at The Globe:

A nice collection of vintage lamps at the windowsill

Soundcheck and the last preparations before the gig:

What a great gig it was! The venue was filled with people . Some didn`t get a sitting place. Many participants of the workshop came by. The vibe was amazing. We enjoyed playing in front of such responsive and enthisiastic audience! Looking forward to see the pictures from the evening made by Ken Drew! Ken, it was a pleasure to meet/see you again!

All in all the experience at The globe was wonderful. We all hope to come back!!! Thank you Debra and everybody at the Venue! Thanks also to Dave Parker for organizing the workshop!

Much love to all of you and keep doing a great job with keeping live music alive and at it`s best!

Time to drive to the hotel and have some sleep before the lunchtime gig at the Inkwell in Leeds.

Nop, this isn`t the end of the blog yet as the situation at the Hotel turns out very interresting :-). Everything looks very harmless from outside, but the adventure starts when we get in after waking up the receptionist sleeping very deeply in his chair. (I waited about 20 minutes in the car till the guys checked in :-).

The first thing that attracted my attention was the tone of the warning hanging on our room door:-))))). Aspecially the section "red" is awesome :

3 things were missing here : "Do not use the heating - it`s not working anyway",  "Do party till the morning!" as the neighbours from the room above us did (...) and "Keep cool - leave the door in peace, no matter how out of control you get"- hahahah:

As an experienced master of survival ;-), I decided to switch on my private heating before going to sleep :-D:

Asaf, Frank and Myself didn`t get much sleep that night, even the ear-plugs failed. Only Kevin slept like a baby explaining us in the morning that it was one of "those hotels", were you party insted of sleeping. Well - if we only knew ;-)...Anyway - if you`re a touring musician and want to sleep at night - please concider avoiding this friendly hotel ;-).

Tomorrow Inkwell in Leeds! See You all there!!!

P.S. I will update you how we`ve survived the night :-)))

Much love, Sylwia