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01.10.2016 A 4h Workshop `Breathing Rhythms` for instrumentalists and singers at the Sage in Newcastle Gateshead

Good morning my Friends!

Another workshop day and a gig in the evening ahead of us! We`re very much looking forward to both! It will be awesome to get the band complete tonight as well! :-).

There`s so much to share with you that I decided to divide this day into 2 separate blog posts ;-)!

Here we go!

Newcastle in daylight:

Newcastle is definitely on of the most architecturally wild cities I`ve seen in UK. Large industrial areas, old fashioned style freely mixed with modern and futuristic style. Art mixed with factory style and a huge pallete of colors involved. The weather and light have an immense impact on the outfit of the buildings and the flair of the city.

I`d like to show you The Sage (a place of our workshop) from inside:

"Presented by creative producers Wild in Art, working in partnership with St Oswald’s Children’s Hospice, Great North Snowdogs will bring together businesses, artists, schools and community groups to create a public art trail of beautiful Snowdog sculptures, based on the story The Snowman and The Snowdog, by Raymond Briggs."

Here some more pics of the Snowdoggies :-):

Asaf in front of the workshop-space. A very serious face today... ;-):

One of the rooms booked for the workshops. It looks very black & white from this perspective, but on the opposite walls I`ve found some colorful treasures painted by some kids.

Hahah, this cat has obviously some serious stomach ache :-). Cute paintings...:-):

Hah! I spotted a lonely dwarf among the Sage - labirynths!. I wish I could catch this wide smile he gave me after I took this picture :-D

Something tells me that we were close to some facilities for kids ;-)

We had a worky and very enjoyable workshop with some adult, very attendive and really nice participants. Unfortunately I was too busy to take any pictures during teaching. We invited everybody to our gig with Sirkis/Bialas IQ at the Globe tonight! Many thanks to the organizer of the workshop and to all the participants! Hoping to see you tonight at the Globe!

Let`s move now to the parking place at the roof of the building! You got to see those views!

Time to say THANK YOU and GOOD BYE to The Sage and move to The Globe for a gig!

We`re burning to play with our band tonight :-)!

See you there!!!

And here only for you an emerald rhapsody:

Much love, Sylwia