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30.09.2016 A 1-day Workshop `Breathing Rhythms` for music students at the Sage in Newcastle Gateshead

Dear Friends,

Our Autumn Journey continues. This time we start the little North-Eastern UK tour with 2 workshops at the Sage in Newcastle Gateshead, which will be runned by Asaf Sirkis and myself. Frank and Kevin will join us on Saturday for the gig at The Globe!

The way to the North-East part of England was pretty long but very enjoyable. It was the first opportunity for me to visit this area. The weather was fabulous. Still very sunny and warm.

As always I`ve prepared some goodies for the road ;-):

Idyllic landscapes...

Passing Sherwood Forest we`ve realised that Robin obviously changed his way of locomotion:

Fantastic, constantly changing light and shadow play on the sky...

This one was really special:

After many hours of driving we`ve finally reached Newcastle. It was already dark when we got to the hotel. Tomorrow, early morning we will start the workshop at The Sage.

In the morning we drove to the futuristic building of The Sage. Some "blue in greens" on the way:

As the sense of humor never abandones us, as we first saw the Sage, we couldn`t resist using the highly romantic comparison to the large intestine ;-D:

Cool graffitis at the backyard:

Co-Musica. Indeed! :-)


There were around 35 young instrumentalists and singers participating in the workshop. We worked together 8 hours with a lunch break inbetween. In the afternoon all the participants have been divided into 4 groups and each group created some music to Asaf`s Konnakol composition. We`vefinished the workshop with a little performance of each group:

It was a worky and productive day with loads of fun and creativity. Many thanks to the organisators of the workshop for having us and to all the talented young musicians for the great work!

Time to go to hotel and see you tomorrow for another workshop at the Sage. This time we will work with a different group of participants. We`re very much looking forward to it! I will also show you a bit more of this amazing architecture and some exhibition art works from The Sage. Good evening and...

Good night everyone!

See you again tomorrow at The Sage! Here an amber tree painted by night on the window of our touring van :-)

Brrrr, nights are geting colder and colder....

and here what the cold night made with my reflection in the car - mirror, I like the siluette of my cam ;-):

Much love,