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Sirkis/Bialas IQ Autumn Tour 2016, 23.09 at The Voicebox, Derby, UK

Dear Friends,

The Autumn season has began and we`ve opened it playing at The Voicebox in Derby. This time we`ve featured John Turville on the piano and keys. John lives in London but his roots are in Derby, so we had a pleasure to meet his family at the gig.

Me and Asaf went on the road straight from the airports. I came back from my university teaching phase in Germany and Asaf returned from his gigs in Israel.

Here some adventures and impressions from the road to Derby!:

The traffic on the way to the venue was horendous... At least we had enough time to enjoy Autumn landscapes and warmth of the sun...

Gaps between cars on the highway were very small and we were pushed to move forward in a snail tempo...It was difficult to concentrate all the time. We even had a small accident with another car driving before our van, but fortunately nothing serious happened and everybody could continue the drive...

At some point I started to count the sheep on the sky. There was a sheep festival above our heads, just see yourself ;-)! :

The smell of Fall in progress...

A very hip old Lotus transported on the platform :-):

We got to the venue pretty late and had a very little time to set up the gear and make a soundcheck. It was a record for me to manage the entire set up in 45 min. I felt very thankful that the guys helped me with carrying equipment. We`re a good team...We were able to start the gig without any delays...weeyheyy

Here some pictures from the venue:

A beautiful high wooden ceiling:


I love those parts of touring when nobody bothers pretending seriousness :-)))


It was a really lovely and enjoyable gig in a nice and cosy venue with an attentive audience, careing promoter &  friendly staff. Some really nice chats inbetween the sets.

Thanks for having us at the Voicebox!

I couldn`t stop myself from sharing with you Kev`s enthusiastic bouncy packing - attitude :-DDDDD:

We had to hurry up with setting off, cause Asaf had to fly to Istanbul the next early morning...Time to say good bye to everyone and came back on the road again!

On the way to London we had a few close encounters with some unidentify flying objects:

Encounter I, UFO kidnaps a long distant lorry driver:

Encounter II, UFO changes the molecular structure of the moon

Encounter III, 2 UFO`s transport a shiny bollock to the mothership.

Encounter IV, Bollocks of light creating crop circles on M1

Yes, my imagination has no limits, I know. Some women became mean when they get tired - I only get some flashy ideas and a funny mood! ;-))))

The drive back from the gig was very fast but exciting as you could see ;-).

Time to bring Kevin to Luton Train - Station... Here a trippy graffiti I`ve spotted on the parking space...

Good Night Kev, have a safe trip home and some proper rest.

Good night Aliens! Safe trip home! :-)

Good night my friends, see you soon in Newcastle!

Much love from Sylwia & the Sirkis/Bialas IQ