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Sirkis/Bialas IQ - Spring Tour - Preparing for the travel to the South - West Coast

Ready to go to the South - West. Cornwall and the seaside are waiting.
I made some food for the road ;-)

And here some snapshots of the Landscapes. The weather is sunny and the smell of blooming, yellow rape flower fields invades the cabin of our touring Van.

Frank works on the computer using the high-tech table painted by his little daughter,

 Kev practices shredding on his bass and Asaf masters his Konnakol skills. I got some time for breathing exercises, taking pictures and writing the blog chewing my fav pistachio choc.  

Of course there`s no better exercise for me during the travel-stops than to chase little bunnies on the squares close to the petrol stations! Gosh, sometimes I think that there`s no way for me to get too serious, but honestly - I hope to keep this spirit as long as possible! :-P

And here some street-art snapshots from our detour to Bristol in order to pick up some gear we have forgotten at the venue after the a gig (yes, those things happen, aspecially after long night gigs when you`re tired and want to get to the hotel asap.)

Good to fly through the highways in the Springtime!

Looking forward to play and to enjoy the peacefulness of the sea before the gig tonight...