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Sirkis/Bialas IQ, Summer Tour, Llanelli Jazz, Llanelli, UK

Dear Friends,

Next stop - Llanelli (it is hilarious to say this name correctly:-))!

First you need to learn pronouncing "LL" in Welsh, give it a go - Gwynneth will help you :-):

Now when you got it - try to spell : LLanelli. Good Luck and much fun with that! :-D

We had some real adventures on the way and again the Universe took a good care of us. This blog will be about incidents, baloons stucked on trees, snail-cars with eyelashes, chasing rainbows and a true HERO named Jon! ;-)!

Let`s start our trip!

Slightly tired but in good mood we began to head in the direction of Llanelli. The weather was fantastic that day...

This is the Diplomat Hotel in Llanelli - the Festival's Venue. We`ve met many different bands beside us playing at the Festival.

Funny snail-car with long eyelashes at the parking place in front of the Diplomat :-):

A bunch of baloones stucked on the tree behind the venue that caused many musicians waiting for their performances to lead some philosophical speculations, such as:  "how the heck did the balloons get on that tree" and " why the heck are they blue???!) ;-D (...)

We had enough time to relax before the gig, eat some lunch and hang a bit at the terrace...

The gig was very nice, promoters careing and friendly and the audience, even if usually used to listen to more traditional Jazz, gave us a very warm welcome. This had nothing to do with the tropical temperature inside of the building ;-)))

After our set we were ready to pack our gear and head back home as we realized that one of the back car tires was completely flat and it was obvious, that we`ll have to exchange it.
Asaf took the car to the nearest petrol station, that luckily turned out to be around the corner, in order to exchange the tire and the rest of us packed the equipment and waited for him to come back.

Nobody could guess that the middle of the wheel was pretty rusty and there was no way that we could take it off and replace with the new one without a heavy duty - hammer...

So we were standing there - in a lonely petrol station in the middle of nowhere, on Sunday, tired after the intense three days of touring, watching video tutorials about removing rusty wheels and concidering what to do next as suddenly, out of the blue, a guy appeared and started to help us to exchange the wheel. It is not so common that someone helps strangers with such determination - see yourself...

Meet Jon - our HERO! :-)

He was ready to lay on the ground to get this bloody tire out :-). Using hammers and physical power helped! Check this out! :


On the way back we were very tired after this exciting 3 days in the Welsh Country...

We still managed to catch a beautiful sunset:

It was fun to watch the same bridge we`ve crossed on the way to Whales now in a completely different light:

To compare 3 days before ;-):

Some timid rain caused many rainbows :

I managed to catch one and take it with us ;-)

We all got home safely and happy and thankful about the successful tour. Time to say good bye and...

... evaporate ;-))):

Bye Frank, bye Kevin, see you guys next Sunday! Thank you for everything !!!

Good night everybody!

Thanks for taking this trip with us.

See you soon at the Norwich Jazz Festival!

Much love,

Sylwia & the Sirkis/Bialas IQ