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Sirkis/Bialas IQ Summer Tour, Norwich Jazz Weekender, Norwich, UK

Hello Dear Friends,

Here some impressions from our trip to Norwich. It was a pleasure to be one of the music acts at the Norwich Jazz Weekender and to share the stage with many great artists:

Here the announcement of our gig:

Let`s go!

"Australian" landscapes on the way to Norwich:

As always some food for the road. This time I made some raw crackers, toffis and a fragrant carrot cake:

Sky full of Dementors. A musician friend, Andi told me that "expecto patronum" is the only thing that could help, so I tried...:

As you can see the right magic-spells work always:

Here some interresting architecture of Norwich City:

Looks like Willy Wonka went from sugary to greasy ;-):

A promising sign in front of the club:

Color of the Norwich Jazz Club`s gate was undeniably fluorescent:

Here the venue (picture from the website of the club). I was too bussy loading off the gear so I didn`t manage to make many pics. Everything had to go very fast because there were more bands waiting to perform.

It was a real fun to play a gig at the Norwich Jazz club and then listen to some other, great gigs. We were taken care of very well and the content, smiling faces of the audience spoke for themselves. A nice one, Norwich - thanks for having us!

Here some images of the city by night:

Well....:-) You never know what could await you in one of the dark alleys...This is a British version of "Piszczalka"- the "cheerful devil" from a polish book for kids.

For all of my friends from Poland - do you remember this beautiful, forgotten movie from our childhood? So creepy and so magically awesome :-). Such a pity there`s no english version of this one... Check the synth sounds in the soundtrack :-))):

The way home was leading us through some extremely dark landscapes. I could swear to see "Piszczalka" standing by the road holding his overdimensional fork ;-)

This time I couldn`t catch Frank and Kev on any of the pics as they travelled separately to the gig, but I found a perfect embarracing one with loads of love to you, guys ;-)))) :

Good night everybody. I`m going to Germany soon to do my university work and we will meet on the road again on the 23rd of September. Next station - Derby!

Much love,