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Hello Everybody!

I`m very happy to share with you some photo impressions and adventures from the second gig of our spring tour 2017. This time we featured a very gifted and charismatic Polish pianist based in London - Tomasz Bura on piano and keys. Here he is:

Let`s go then!

This was a very intense and exciting day for all of us. Asaf was a real hero managing surviving of the day running on a high energy level. He slept  only two hours the night before ( after the late night gig at Ronnie Scott`s with Jacob Colier ). I`ve watched the live stream from this gig online - what a band!!! Check it out here. To go straight to this set up just start watching at 40:00 :

As the side effect of that "night - flight" Asaf forgot his cymbals at the rehearsal room and for a moment we were in "danger" of delating our gig. Luckily Tomasz was able to pick them up and bring to the venue. Phew! THANKS TOMASZ !!! That`s life I guess. Musician`s life... :-))) You throw yourself in the musical vortex and follow it literally till :

We had a good laugh at the rehearsal when Tomasz recognized Asaf`s passion for eating big amounts of Avocados... There was a pretty, little, fluorescent, green spot in the middle of the printed music chart. We should write an "Avocado Suite" for the next gig! Yes!

and this will be the CD cover!  :-D

and this will be the CD cover!



The streets of London Town flooded with light on the way to the rehearsal room at the North London Music Academy, where Tomasz teaches playing the piano..:

North London Music Academy...

After the rehearsal we drove to the Royal Festival Hall... Here some pics from the way:

3 descriptions to the picture below:

a) the romantic one : Blue in Green over London Town

b) the pragmatic one : wooh!  Time to wash the touring van - ahahahah! :-)))) 

c) the hardcore one : emerald bug cemetery or THE BEETLE / BEATLE JUICE - ;-)

choose your fav one :-)!:




Our beloved corner shops with greens and the best Türkisch Bagels:

It ain`t no London trip without a bagel...or goodness...

I don`t know why this image makes me think about the streets of Israel in the winter. Sunshine, oranges on the trees... It might be that ;-)

Freddie would sing now : " I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike". Not sure what to think about this view thow... Not many of those bikes are in the use in London as you can see (...) :

Warm Greetings to my dear friends from Bayern ;-) - Die Brezen gibts überall, auch in London! Also ich hab sie sofort gesehen - hahaha!

Green Arrow crossing the street. Easy to meet a hooded Vigilante in London, as you see, even in the middle of the day.

After a morning rehearsal we got to the venue : Royal Festival Hall - Foyer that could be also called  "The Moomin Land" - soon you`ll understand why:

If you still don`t know Moomins - it is worth to change it - the most mindful stories, not only for kids written by Tove Jahnsson - a good finnish witch ;-). 

Enough about moomins. Here the venue - inside:


A colorful art - Instalation hanging from the ceilings all over the place:

Sirkis/Bialas IQ - soundcheck and some fun before the gig:

My favorite part a la "paparazza" : THE SILLY - WILLY TIME, Kevin`s special face never fails but Tomasz became a serious concurrency for him - love you guys :

I know I know, no pictures of me again - well this is my destiny - staying behind the vail and alllllways serious ;-)))), carramba! :

The gig was fun! The venue very well attended, some good musician - friends from London came by. It was great to play the brand new material and test some new arrangements! So awesome to observe how differently the tunes may sound played by diverse musicians. A great way to squeeze the musical essence out of them and hold it in the future arrangements. 

Big thanks to Tomasz for putting both, his sensitivity and the explosive musical  nature in playing our tunes - lovely to work together!

Time to pack the stuff and head home - some serious sleep could be a great idea...

After 3 intense gigs almost without sleeping - Asaf still smiling packing his drums. This is something - trust me guys :-)

Some concrete - concrete  view outside the venue:

I wonder what do you keep in a headroom - heads probably... A Headhunter`s place...:

From the left : Tomasz, Kev, Sylwia and Asaf - I know, the description was not necessary.

I guess Herbie would dig it! :-)

All that directly opposite the statue of :


Cyberface in outerspace:

Some seriously "spaced - out" architecture. It could easily come from somewhere else ;-)  : 

And here a levitating time - traveller caught by taking off !!!

Teleported by the spaceship:

Of course, how else!  Welcome back to the future guys ;-)!

Brexit, oh Brexit (...) :

An euro coin on the wall of a giant building we`ve passed...

An euro coin on the wall of a giant building we`ve passed...

Beautiful explosion of lights:

Azzzuroooooo il pommmmmeriiiiiiggggiiiioooo troooopppppoooooazzzzzuuuuuurrrroooo and eeeevvvveeeeeeen byyyy niiiiighhhht  - all right! :-))):

Trippy tunnels:

More London blues`:

This picture reminds me the famous Wiatomo Glowworm Cave in New Zealand, can you see why?:

The Weather Report from London. Eric Gravat says - it`s very dark & stormy!

We`ve been listening to Weather Report all the way home...:-)

By the way - Alfred Hitchcock`s Birds (or rather their holograms:-)) attacked the van on the highway - but no worries - no victims!  

Hahah, couldn`t stop myself:

photo by Fahey/Klein, please check out this artist - awesome work!!! :


We got home without bigger damages, just some feather sticking to the van ;-). Time to say good night!

Much love to all of you and see you on the 27.01 in Farnham, we`re featuring the extraordinary pianist Ivo Neame on the piano and keys!

Sylwia, Asaf and THE SIRKIS/BIALAS IQ!

Here our spring dates all together, see you somewhere on the road!: