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SIRKIS/BIALAS IQ - Spring Tour 2017 / GIG 1 - Mirth Marvel and Maud, London, UK

Dear Friends,

Sirkis/Bialas IQ is on the road again!

This tour is very special for the entire band. The purpose of this particular one is to play, practice and work out the new tunes for the upcoming album. We`re experimenting with some freshly written material, testing the arrangements, synth sounds and collecting the feedback of the audiences. I really like the thought that the band is going into the studio after playing a proper tour and in the moment when the music already "streams through our bloodstreams" not the other way around. It gives us a feeling of producing something sounding natural. This music will be much more folky and wrapped in the sound of the church organ and crotales. We are still writing new tunes testing which of them will make it on the album and fulfill the new concept allthow the most relevant thing for us is just to write straight from the heart.

This time we featured our friend Yaron "Iron" ;-) Stavi on the bass. Thanks Yaron! It was a pleasure - as always.

Before the gig we struggled a lot with unloading of the gear as the parking space for the bands was taken by some other car and it took us a long time to manage the situation, I used the time for spotting some photo-objects - now ain`t that cute? :-):

Many thanks to the Arts Council for supporting us

and to John Turville for organizing the gig that opened our tour at the E17 Jazz (Mirth , Marvel & Maud) a beautiful old ex - theater/cinema with some serious jazz history in the background. John Turville told us that Master Coltrane himself played on this stage years ago...



John Coltrane - watercolor by Fabrizio Casseta

Here some pictures of the venue:

Nice, viby lightening...

The venue was recently reopened after many years of being inactive and at the time it is not very well known as a jazz venue yet. That fact definitely had an influence on the number of the people in the audience. It didn`t bother us much as the listeners that were present enjoyed the gig and we could restore our "christmas chops" (I`m still recovering from a bad cold) :-) and play the new material for the very first time in a relaxed and cosy athmosphere.

Please spread the word about this place so the hall fills up with more audience!

Amusingly the entire stage was full of flashy confetti laying around and gooeying to our feet. That feeling must have been similar to walking on the moon full of alien algae in an astronaut-suit ;-)

It was so nice to listen to Alan Pasqua`s solo album: Russian Peasant before the gig...What a fine, peaceful and meditative piece of music:


Stage set up:

The boyzzz with their toyzzz:

Asaf Sirkis :-)

Frank Harrison :-)

Yaron Stavi :-)


It was a nice warm up - gig before the rest of our tour... Time to set off the gear and drive home.

HEY - HO - LET`S GO! When the gate is open! :-)))

MOBY DICK on the way back:

Good night everyone!

Emerald tunnel...

See you in London again on the Jan 20th.

Much love,

Sylwia & The Sirkis/Bialas IQ