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Dear Friends,

Asaf and myself wrote till now 9 compositions for our new album. We`re very excited to rehearse the tunes with our band and try them out on the road. Looking forward to working out the arrangements and figuring out what kind of compositions should we still create and add to the repertoir to make it even more colorful and varied.

This time the tunes are mainly based on the sound of church organ and crotales - a tuned percussion instrument made out of small chromatically set cymbals. The music will sound very much like "us" but in even more folky and viby setup :

We start the tour tomorrow playing a gig at the Mirth, Marvel And Maud in London. Hoping to see you there!

Here the new leaflet with all our spring - dates:


Now a little bit about the composing process...

Me and Asaf agree that for both of us this one of the favorite stages of creating an album but also a very tricky one, aspecially when you`re in the middle of various events that distract you when you need a free mind to let creativity happen...I guess you all know exactly what I`m talking about ;-). Anyway, whatever you do and whatever you`re involved into - there`s always that subconscious "movie of original compositions", lines and grooves running inside of your brain and you`re putting all the musical pieces of the puzzles in your mind over the months to finally bring them to the paper and then watch them reveal the entire picture while playing it with your band... Every hardship on the way molds an even stronger and more enthusiastic vision of the end product.

Right now I`m putting myself together after a long and strong bad winter cold and we both try to get our christmas-chops into normality ;-).

An experimental phase is awaiting us. Recording of our last album "Come To Me" happened before we toured with the new material. This time we decided to make it the other way around and play some gigs before going into the studio. It already turned out that we prefer this scheme much more... Let`s see what comes out :-)! It feels like it will be a piece of an honest and hearty music, but still some serious work to do...

:-) While writing this blog, I`m sitting in Tim Garland`s cosy kitchen

and listen to his Quartet rehearsing. What a treat :-). Tim, Asaf, Ant Law and Jason Rebello practicing some magic :-)...Love those guys. Great musicians and very fine human beings :-))))

Always nice to listen to all the funny stories and news and laugh together!

Here a video from the guys playing a gig at the Pizza Express...

Ok dear peeps, I`m so much looking forward to share with you all the happenings of our tour and the new recording.

Stay tuned for the news!



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