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"Breathing Rhythms" workshop with Asaf Sirkis & Sylwia Bialas at the Sage Gateshead, Newcastle

Dear friends, here some foto impressions from the trip to Newcastle, where Asaf and I were running a `Breathing Rhythm` workshop at the Sage Gateshead (29.01.2017)

Me and Asaf had to start our trip to Newcastle at 6 am. The weather this morning has been changing like a kaleidoscope...

At first some dense fog....

Then some "shy" sunshine...

The road was widely open and surrounded by foxy-redness...

After that some spring rain out of nowhere surprised us...

30 min later the sun started to shine very strong and got very blinding...ekhm, extremely blinding!:

A perfect spring weather...Some juicy greenish landscapes...

We past the Sherwood Forest

Hi Robin, By Robin! :-)... Wooh my Childhood`s hero ;-). Remember Michael ?

The inevitable Chinese tea. Yes, I do realize how does it look like :-D!

My beautiful knitted schal - thanks to my friend Christiane ;-). It warms me the entire Winter.

Asaf - never wasting the precious time! Some serious "konnakoling" on the road!

The light was changing instantly as you can see - not easy to say what time of the day it could be:


Angel of the North - we like this sculpture very much...

and that`s why (...) :-)

No, this ain`t no winter landscape...

Not sure why this pattern reminded me of Winnetou ! ;-) Sometimes I`m surprised by my own associations.

hm....(?) hahah Now I know.

I love sun - gazing!

After 5h on the highway we finally got to Newcastle. I really love the vibe of that city...Always some new things to discover!

Some colorful factory-style:

"The power to be different" ;-)

Different kind of Tesco for example:. 

There`s a lot of beauty everywhere - even in some dirty car windows...(...) :-)

A bit of a horror :

Here The Sage Gateshead, a very "digestive" ;-) and futuristic architecture! 

What a genius thing - to put the parking space on the top of the roof - the sights were stunning...

Spot the flying saucer! ;-)

Here the room where we were running the workshop. 34 Participants on Sunday afternoon! Great!...

A little break:

The workshop was fun. Here what we did with those young musicians:


The basics of Konnakol (South-Indian vocal percussion) and its uses in western music.

Developing rhythmic awareness on the mental and physical level

Acquiring `rhythmic devices`

Improvement of coordination

Understanding and internalizing odd times 

Mastering rhythm at any time and anywhere you are

Spotting and resolving challenges in performing rhythm

Learning techniques of correct and efficient breathing 

Understanding the relations between healthy breathing, relaxed posture, easy coordination, effortless movement and sound - perception

Helpful ways of developing technical skills 

Gaining freedom and confidence in vocal performance 

Inspiring rhythmic ideas for original compositions

Incorporating meditation to your day-to-day practice

and more...

Asaf after 5h of driving, 5h of workshop, ready to drive 5 hours more - Beautiful!

The walls start to be alive when an artwork melts together with them...

The Sage in the evening is a great spectacle of lights and architecture.

Amazing neon - ambience. You can smell the art in the air :-)

Night outside of the Sage:

What`s on:

Street art outside:


Views from the nighty roof:

The way back home was very long and full of reflections from the workshop. 

Big thanks to James, Roger for having us, for the great hospitality  and all the participants for their enthusiasm and an enjoyable work together.

Time to sleep. Good night everybody! 

See you soon at Leeds College! We`re running there another Breathing Rhythms Workshop.

Take care, much Love

Sylwia & Asaf