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Workshop Breathing Rhythms and a Sirkis/Bialas Duett - Performance at the Leeds College of Music, Leeds, UK

Dear Friends, 

We`d like to share with you some impressions from our trip to Leeds and from our Workshop, duo performance and the Jam session with students from the Leeds College of Music.

This occasion is very special for me and for Asaf. It was the first time in our musical collaboration that we gave a duet performance. We both have to admit that it was not only a real challenge but also a huge fun and we`re definitely going to repeat this treat more often :-).

Then - off we go to Leeds!

Spirit of approaching Spring and the green juiciness on the fields...

My beloved sheep, chewing the first grass and chillin`in the sun...

Villages and meadows:

Don Quixote`s Land

And here Don himself:

Up to the North:

"sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain" and today too :-))))

English weather as always full of surprises:

Leicestershire this time the Foxy Lady`s Land! ;-)

and here Garth epic dance to Jimmie`s Foxy Lady - I just had to ;-))))...

Some morning humor - this one is for Asaf ;-) :

Funky Lorries! 

Let`s take it to the bridge: 

After 4h drive we got to Leeds...

Leeds is a vital city full of crazy architecture, colors and students! I love it here :-)

It`s fun to look at such exciting buildings...

Shadows of trees melting together with brick and glass...


Leeds Cityscapes:

Street art :

A little, harmless tornado over the city:

Welcome to Leeds College of Music!

It wasn`t our first workshop at the Leeds College, but the first `Breathing Rhythms` one. The students here are attentive and responsive - a real pleasure to work with! After the workshop we had some time for chatting with the students and we got surprised by a request to make a duo performance for the participants.

Guys, remember the face of this young man - you`ll see it more often in the future! What a great bass player (no, its not Conor Chaplin!!! Only his doppelgänger :)...Greetings to Conor by the way!

We both got excited by performing a voice and drums duet and did it having an immense fun!

Some kind of magic ;-): 

After our performance we participated in a jam session together with all the students and the fun continued. So many talented and creative people!

Reds and blues... In "F" ! Of course! :-))))

After the session and this long exciting and worky day we`ve drowned in a rainy night full of lights,

we took a dive in the greenish twilight

and eventually found our way to the hotel...

synchronicity - that means it was a very good day :-)


The next morning, after breakfast we left the hotel,  

said GOOD BYE to Leeds : at this place - many warm thanks to the Leeds College of Music for having us and for the great hospitality ( Dear Jamil, it was a real pleasure!!! You`re doing an amazing job there!) and to all the motivated and talented students for their enthusiastic participation in the workshop and the uplifted musical spirits!!!

Last morning gaze at the city :

and a happy but tired comeback on the highway...

Beautiful sunset :-) unfortunately full of chemtrails :-/...gulp....

Gold & Silver / Sun & Rain / Shadow & Light / Fog & Wind - behind the glass

"Transformer" or "a former in trans" or a "former trans-" :-D, however a steel monster influencing the entire landscape :-):

The-way-back-bridge :

Seeing this kind of landscape I feel an urgency to be teleported into the sixties (...):

Here some animated clouds:

Flight of the swans


Adam`s ribs:

Koi fish:

Ismael`s Lost Wing:

Gloomy landscapes:

in Jane Eyre`s - style:


"Windmills of your mind", because 

they always somehow remind me of :

Greenland :

similar vibe ;-)

Orbs :

Shadowy eclipse :

After a longish drive reflecting the events of last day we finally got home.

Time to rest one day before playing with the Sirkis/Bialas IQ at the Southampton Jazz Club!

See you all there dear friends, thanks for following us! Stay tuned for all the news.

Much Love 

Sylwia & Asaf