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Dear friends, 

Last night the Sirkis/Bialas IQ played at the Talking Heads in Southampton. We enjoyed this gig very very much! Frank is back with us after his moving action to Oxford. ( the wizard from Oxford came back to his hometown). At the gig I also met Leszek Hurtig - a good polish friend of mine  and a great bassist from the times where we rehearsed together in a Polish garage :-)!  It was our first fusion band together ;-). Good old times!

Photo by Marcin Giba

Photo by Marcin Giba

Was great to see ya Lechu! :-D

So let me take you for the entire trip to Southampton. I`ll walk you through all the adventures!

Black monster invading the sunset sky...

a vail of steamy shadow...

Heavy konnakiling ekhm, konnakoling! :-)

Me and Asaf picked Kev up at our favorite, slightly illegal drop off (Heathrow Airport) ;-)

Appearance of this posh car initiated a hilarious conversation in our van:

Kev: I wonder how many gigs could you finance selling this car.

Asaf: man, you can probably play for it the whole year! 


Imagine a Jazz musician doing that with money :-D, you`ll feel such a satisfaction - hahaha:

Skies of gold:

An insanely fiery spectacle in Tuscany - style:

We were lucky to see such a beautiful sunset on the way to Southampton! Fire meets pastels...

I just had to catch more of those moments...

Swarms of birds coming back from the warmer countries - the spring approaches in giant steps...

I am very fascinated by their navigation system :-), check this out! :

The last gaze at the setting sun:

pinky orange

It was already dark when we got to the venue...

Talking Heads is a chilled out, cosy and lively place. The lights make it extremely viby ...

"Nothing but the blue skies" in a glass of water:

Some of the more and less funny details, decide yourself what is what ;-):

Kevin`s famous "face" is an absolute must - the biggest fun is always to provoke it :-D: 

Serious go fun-ky ;-)

I cought a moment of our conversation with Frank - "We should ask M&S for an endorsement! What a genious idea - actually all the touring musicians should" - haha :-)))))

Some enchanted nooks of the venue:


This gig was an immense fun! So good to play in this wicked place  - we`d like to say many thanks to the Arts council for supporting our tour. Without this support it would be impossible for us to bring the band to this beautiful venue!!!

Many thanks to LIVESHOTS.UK for the photos !!!


Audience filled the club completely. Some of the people were standing during the entire performance. What an attentive crowd for this kind of venue...Nobody was chattering during our sets... The staff was amazing too - singing loudly behind the bar and in the kitchen after the gig - lovely, cheerful peeps! 

Thanks to the promoter of Talking Heads for having us - we really hope to come back again!

And this one is just great :


An overexcited me trying to make a selfie after the gig - no way - hahahah:

Nighty lights on the way to London. We brought Kevin home after the gig:

Awaiting the night kebab and looking after the gear ;-)))

And here it is... :-P

A massive UFO invasion on the highway - they took only the freelancers ;-)))


Blue indigo :

Typewriter :

Nicola :

would be pleased... so 

Passing the blues...:

and lilacs: 


Prince charming waiting to be fed... With garbage. :

Danca Lumina:

Confused bass keys:

After a long nighty drive we brought Kev home - Good Night!!! 

Back at the highway. We saw HIM on HIS glancing throne... ;-D

Funky indu - architecture:

Night - reality in front of the Victoria Palace. Some people work hard while we`re sleeping... ekhm driving :-)

Pink ghost:

Flying soccer  just docked in.

We are close to home... Good night everybody!!! See you soon in Bristol!

  Much love,