Sylwia Bialas

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Dear Friends, 

After a late night gig you only can take the next morning in a very

pace... :-)

The next station of our tour is The Sound Cellar in Poole. Let`s go!

Here a good morning laugh for you ! :

Somebody hang a monkey on his serious machine! 

Juicy horses - ehhhh.... meadows......aaaaaa - I`m hungry :-D

And some kebabs, ehhhhh, lambs chewing grass.... 

An apology to all the vegans for my bad polish humor ;-)...

Passing the green in blues,

Passing Jessy J on the highway, no big deal ;-):

we gained hope for producing some

after eating a proper breakfast ;-).

Spring is here...Almost... The weather is soooo cold and gray and wet....

After kilometers of grayness, finally some happy colors!

Fading birds...

City flair with narcissistic statements ;-))))

Blues in greens this time...

And the music fits the mood...

Charming villages on the way to Poole...

It`s getting dark...

The Sound Cellar at the Blue Boar in Poole welcomed us with a sweet statement:

Nice to come back to the Sound Cellar!

The ambience of the venue has change a lot since our last gig there. What a nice change it is!

And here my dedication to Paul Mc Candless:

A nice Mc Candle. ;-D...Loving his sound so much...


Fiorini underground.

Using our own gear sorted out the challenging acoustics of the cellar. 

The gig was fun and the sound very good...

Many thanks to Rob Palmer for having us again! It was a pleasure as always...!

The Blue Boar flaire...

Kevin surrounded by boars at the restaurant upstairs ;-)

Some love in the details...

Good that I`m not a BASILISK ;-)

Asaf pretending that he`s not tired! :-D:

Zen master planning to assassinate this nice music lover! :-O!!!

Elegant shoes! :

Marine vibe:

cosy, cosier- hrrrrrrrrrr psssssssss

Yes, time to sleep...

A nicely presented building on the way to the hotel :-)

Good night everybody - sweet dreams! See you tomorrow in Taunton!

Much love, Sylwia &  The Sirkis/Bialas IQ