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SIRKIS/BIALAS IQ - Spring Tour 2017 / GIG Nr. 7 - Creative Innovation Centre, TAUNTON, UK

Dear Folks, 

We`re on the way to Taunton and in the evening we will be performing at the CIC.

Let me take you with us! :-)

Before we went back on the highway it was necessary to give our van a proper shower! 

An entrance to a cave - watch your butt!

Even a carwash experience can be fascinating to me :

And this is what came out! - hahah

I should apologize to our van! Sorry - just joking ;-)

Tauntontown :-)

Spring! Spring! Spring!

The Venue:

Blushing Blossoms

Artistic flaire of the CIC

Heavenly acoustics or a cloudy ceiling:

The artwork by Bella West, "Animal Beings" reminded me of Donnie Darco... Maybe rather a gentleman version of him :-)...

Amazing photo...

You see what I mean?

A great exhibition at the CIC

It was great to see our friend Yuri Goloubev, that came to listen to our gig! :-)

This man on the right is a genius of trilling that come to the gig with a friend.- He taught me how to produce this unique bird sound ;-)! Thanks Jon! - it was nice to meet you!

check this out:


Pictures from the gig by Rob Elford! - many thanks Rob! It was nice to meet you and chat between the sets!

Rob Elford - artwork by Tony Girardot

Rob Elford - artwork by Tony Girardot

Rob`s Shots:

CIC ambience- light, shadow, color and people... :

Hugs to those lovely girls - it was so nice to chat with you! More listeners like you both and the music world would be a heaven ;-))))

And ANNA - it was so good to meet you! I loved the fact that somebody was moved by the polish lyrics :-). A huge hug to you - beautiful soul!

Thanks for having us CIC! It was a pleasure to play in this beautiful space:

Thanks for everything dear Richard! - it was very nice to meet you!!! (aspecially to hum some rock songs carrying the gear ;-) as well)!

Kevin - ready to go to the hotel ;-)

City lights, endless nights ;-)...

Good night everybody! See you all tomorrow in Ashburton!

Much love,

Sylwia & The Sirkis/Bialas IQ