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SIRKIS/BIALAS IQ - Spring Tour 2017 / Improvisation Workshop at the Mathodist Church in Ashburton, UK

Dear Friends,

After the gig at CIC Taunton our tour brought us to Ashburton, where we will be staying for a while. Two workshops (An Improvisation Workshop with the entire band and The Breathing Rhythms Workshop with Asaf and myself) as well as an evening performance tomorrow at the St.Lawrence Chapel.

Let`s go!

The weather is extremely cold, wet and windy...

Consumption of chocolate on the board of our van increases rapidly. Everybody fancies warm food and warmer clothes...

Ashburton Aquarell :

Colors of the small town through the rain:

Leafy window...

The venue:

Epic red entrance door to the Methodist Church.

The building isn`t active as a church any more - it`s on the way to be transformed into an art venue. Because of being not used so much - it`s walls became extremely cold and it was very hard to warm the rooms up before being used...

We came to the venue earlier to set up the gear for the workshop and for a small performance. The workshop was supposed to take place in one of the rooms upstairs. We built up the equipment awaiting Andy - the organizer of the event.

I found a donkey starring at us trying to switch on the heating in the room - he was a little skeptical - but that`s his nature, so I didn`t bother too much...

Kevin trying to switch on the radiator :-D

I decided to make Frank feel at home ;-D:

Cloud trapped in a room...

The cold gets rough - some practical solutions needed ;-):

After switching on the equipment and the heaters at the same time - the entire electricity went down - oopssss!

We decided to change the room and moved everything downstairs, into a beautiful but even colder room...

Se la vie - sometimes we need to squeeze the best out of the circumstances.

The low temperature of the room was warmed quickly by the warmth and goodness of the participants and the organizer of the workshop.

We made some great music together - everybody was enthusiastic and ready to dare improvising. Some of the participants were professional musicians such as Rachel Miller, a wonderful flute player who teaches improvisation at the music college. Some were beginners on the ground of improvisation. All in all we were able to connect very well and play together! Some magic moments happened. It`s a pitty that I didn`t get all the participants on the pictures. I was too absorbed by chatting with everybody :-)!

Meet Barry - a great soul of a human being that is able to listen like not many other people... A very special person - it will be great to meet again... According to his clothing style - he must be a reincarnation of the St. Francis ;-). A Jewish version! Much love - Barry!!!

You already know my sentiment to different kind of lighting :

Andy and his Daughter improvising on the beautiful church organ. The little red haired lady was literally warmblooded ;-). Running in this cold room without a jacket - TRULY BRAVE!!!

But no wonders:

Asaf and Kev trying out the organ! :-)

The hard working radiators:

After the workshop we went to the hotel to rest before the other workshop and the gig tomorrow.

Many thanks to all the participants for keeping cheerful and energetic inspite of the cold!

Good Bye Ashburton!

Good Bye guys - see you!

Much love, Sylwia & The Sirkis/Bialas IQ