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SIRKIS/BIALAS IQ - Spring Tour 2017: Gig Nr. 11 at the Xposed Club in Cheltenham...

Dear Friends,

I`m very much looking forward to write this blog. This gig and the entire experience that we had here were what I call  - WHOLEHEARTED. 

Let`s drive to Cheltenham...

Here a lovely, creative poster made by a friend of the Xposed Club...

We were so lucky to watch this burning sunset from the highway...I find it very calming to look at the sun setting and observe the changes in the phases...

Transition from blue to golden...

Stunning atmosphere...

Orange colored skies...

More of this goodness...


Synchronicity - no surprise :-)

A burning bush! 

Hahah- couldn`t stop myself - the worst Jewish jokes ever - if you haven`t seen this comedy - time to change it ;-D

The blues won as always...

Cheltenham by night...

A private sunset ;-):

We got to the venue on time...

Xposed Club turned out to be a stunning Church...

It was so refreshing to get to the venue and get so much help by carrying and setting up the equipment... 

Frank got there before us as he now lives in Oxford. 


I spent half of the last night trying out playing my new, beautiful WATERPHONE!

I`m going to play my first performance on this instrument tonight! Excited!

Many thanks to Slawek for building this beauty and to Kamila for helping sending it to me from Poland. THANK YOU guys - much love to both of you XXX

So here he is - I called him ZYGMUNT ;-) 

Zygmunt - I`m in love!

Shadowy patterns playing on the walls and bicycle bells hanging from the ceiling ;-)

I`m sure those lamps were inspired by those bells ;-):

Experienced eyes of the sound - master, Mark, scanning my work - :-))) I think I did quite ok. ;-)

Photo by Stuart Wilding

Stuart (the promoter of the venue) caught me doing what tigers love the most (...) :-)

We`ve shared the evening concert with TIM HILL and we all enjoyed a lot his free improvisation performance!

And here my little dedication to Asaf. I know he will laugh about this one ;-)

Stuart`s shot from our concert!

The gig was a real treat as the audience listened to our music with loads of attention and you could even SEE the passion of the listeners! 

Loads of love to our dear musical friends that appeared on the gig and literally rocked the performance... Ian , Ed and Cynthia - it was so good to have you there!!!


Here is what Ian wrote about the gig:

"Tonight's Sirkis/Bialas IQ gig at the Xposed Club was fantastic. Thanks to Stuart Wilding for organizing and I look forward to future events. Thanks of course to Asaf Sirkis & Sylwia Bialas for their amazing musical contributions tonight and great to chat with them too. It was a great little EppyFest 5 reunion, what with Ed Wilkins & Cynthia Maher Spencer also being present. And the new material the quartet played tonight was absolutely mind-blowing! And in the waterphone I may have found my new favorite musical instrument! Really looking forward to the new Sirkis/Bialas IQ album, even more so now that I've heard the quality of the new tracks that were played tonight. And a final thanks to Kate Gordon for bringing tonight's gig to my attention in the first place - I might have missed it otherwise."


Now from us to you guys... Ian, Stuart, Ed, Cynthia, : the musical world needs people like you to be better, brighter and more enthusiastic! Your passion is so wonderful and the positive spirit you spread around is absolutely infectious! We will support your work in any possible way and want to thank you for being you - that`s the most honest and best compliment we could only express... :-) XXX


The hospitality and warmth that we`ve experienced at the Exposed Club explains the name of the venue. To connect with the others you need to open your heart and let them in. Stuart and the others know how to do that... They truly do...Much love to all of you!

After the gig Frank and Kevin drove back home and me and Asaf went to a small and cosy afterparty by Stuart who cooked for us his famous dal curry. We met there some lovely people that were present at our gig and had some nice chats with them.

At this party we also met Anthea Millier, an artist owning a BNB who invited us to stay over this night instead of driving back. Anthea is a great soul and her personality is perfectly mirrored by the inner design of her beautiful B&B:

Who wouldn`t sleep well in this bed ? :-)

Soft pastels and strong colors combined :

We all had our breakfast at Stuart`s. Another treat :-)

A lively fireplace covered with instruments and artworks :


Stuart`s passion is making music out of anything - love that!

The kitty obviously forgot that we have pet him the entire last evening and gave us a truly suspicious look ;-)

Or maybe... - hahahaha -this one is hilarious :-)

The army of toys made in Germany - :-DDD:

After a great breakfast in the best company, we had to come back on the road.

Dear Stuart and Anthea - thank you so much for everything! Love to both of you and hopefully see you again!

Now this is a nice design for our touring van! :-)

Another bridge...

The weather got gray again...


Let`s go to the last gig of this part of our tour- see you all at the Lighthouse in Deal!

Much love, Sylwia & The Sirkis/Bialas IQ