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SIRKIS/BIALAS IQ - Spring Tour 2017: Gig Nr. 12 at the Lighthouse in Deal, UK...

Dear Peeps, 

Our next tour - station is THE LIGHTHOUSE in Deal.

This time we feature again the great young explosive :-) polish pianist - Tomasz Bura!

Let`s go!

As we started our trip the weather was fantastic.

We were able to cover some of the vitamin D deficiency! :-)

By this weather even a break at the petrol station can be very inspiring :-):

Now some deeper reflections about the touring life...

With the time it turns you from that:

Photo by Monika S.Jakubowska

into that: hahahah!

Asaf and Sylwia

:-D !!! My cave boyzzz

LOL - good that I am behind the camera! I`m smeared with chocolate...

And how not to see the caveman maces everywhere after all that ?! :-)))

The last precious sunbeams as we`re approaching DOVER!

Wooh! This is what you call a serious FOG!

Welcome to Dover - phew - now we know! Good bye sunshine !!!

Snaily speeding through the milk...

An old windmill...

This view reminded me of a soundtrack I recorded for this dark German phantasy movie called Krabat:

I had a good laugh reading the youtube comments under the soundtrack. Somebody asked in which language is the song and somebody else wrote a detailed and eloquent answer about a certain Sorbian dialect. The truth is - I simply  invented this language using phantasy words ;-))))... 

Red - Orange - Red

Yes, more color please. Thanks. :-)

Moody landscapes

And here we are! The Lighthouse in Deal.


After the soundcheck we went to a nice indian restaurant close to the venue...

We went through the set lists and ate a dinner before the gig...

A wall with announcements at the Lighthouse...

Colorful, ethnic motives at the venue...


My working space tonight :-):


Kev spotted the model mask from the poster hanging on the wall - I like it!

Dancing on the ceiling

S/B IQ at the Orbland:

More orbs....

Karaoke Warrior! :-)

This is what I call the right spirit! A bad cold doesn`t matter - Kevin`s epic "Face" is there! Great! hahah

Doctor stage never fails !!!

Here we are!

The gig with Tomasz was fun as always! We enjoyed the "shred" very much. Kevin almost got healthy ;-)! hahah... The audience was a bit chatty as we took the risk of playing in a place visited by mostly random people, but at the end there were many people listening and enjoying our music. The most precious feedback that we frequently receive comes from the people that never listened to Jazz or normally not liking this genre, sticking to all the old cliches about what Jazz is supposed to be ...They weather are surprised to hear something new that is so varied and fascinating to them or just review their knowledge and relation to this style...

We`re always happy to advise them to check out our musician - colleges and to spread the spirit of listening more to live music in general...

Every gig that we do - even under some random and challenging circumstances makes a change not only to us but also to the people, who sometimes would probably never take the initiative to visit a live concert like that and through getting this opportunity became real fans of live music, tasting genres other to the ones they get to listen to on the radio....   

Thanks to the Lighthouse for having us, thanks to Tomasz for a great gig together!!!

Tiffany`s style lamp:

Antilope chasing its shadow...

Malty - culty 

The wondering mask from Lighthouse`s website! :-)

The wondering mask from Lighthouse`s website! :-)

An old antiques - store just by the venue...

Good bye to the Lighthouse in Deal! 

We`re back on the road and a fantastic night - light spectacle is awaiting us! Let`s go - the night is still young! :-) Even if we`re totally tired....:-)

Navi - blues:

It begins to tell round midnight in a full synchronicity...

We`re listening to Asaf`s new recording with Mark Wingfield, Marcus Reuter and Yaron Stavi recorded for the Moonjune records... The best music for the night driving :-):


Leopards chasing a gnu :-).  Why leopards? Just check out their tales ;-)))

Luminescence of the highway


Foggy lightening:

Ghosts and oranges:

Lunapark II:

Chatting monks:

Trippy tunnel of burning grass:

Highways of gold...

Polkadots and moonbeams behind the touring glass:

Fiery raven`s feathers on the wind

Radiant numbers... Konnakol probably...:-)

Golden Spare Ribs

Highway Expressionism 

A clear way 

Electric blue meets emerald:

Mellow yellow in orange

Bravery. I guess....After midnight... Freezing night... VERY BRAVERY WITH A BLACKBERRY - ;-)

Seeing this one Asaf had to remember his rocking gigs with Wilko Johnson! :-)

 Ever what???

Cripple? Haha - very interesting...

Vanishing reds:

Blondie in a martian sand storm :-): 

Ducks on a yellow pond... 

Blue wall

Polite street lamps:

Speed... Time to get home and sleep...sleeppppp.... sleeeeeeepppppppp....hrrrrrrrrr

Good night everybody, thanks so much for being with us! 

See you soon in Felixtowe!

Much love, 

Sylwia & The