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Dear Friends, 

This blog is about our gig at the Bristol Fringe, which turned out to be a great experience!

Let`s go to Bristol!

Bristol is a lively, colorful city full of students all sorts of artists sometimes living their "visit cards" on the buildings ;-). I really love all the lush graffitis, sculptures and often spaced out architecture!

Why not to make a boring window interesting? 

Mother and child looking down at the city...

A fancy indian restaurant: Nutmeg. The food there was delicious while eating but my stomach was not happy at all after the food...:-/ 

The Bristol Fringe is a great, cosy and arty venue with the nicest staff and promoters you can imagine!

Banner behind the stage:

Jon Taylor welcomed us warmly and took a great care of us !


Ambience of this venue is wonderful. A bit edgy, a little nostalgic with loads of retro motives and original artworks hanging on the walls. I really love the dimmed colorful lights making everything look mysterious, a specially all those darker corners where you can hide and relax talking to your friends. 

CD`s for sale, our flyer and feedback cards:

Sylvie Dagallier - the owner of the venue did a great job bringing in some of the french flair and making this place look warm and artful.

Some of those artworks were created by the lady behind the bar - Alice. Some other- like this cole - sketch by a regular customer and music lover, John.

Meet John, the painter and his friends.

John`s artwork:

Our zen - master preparing for the gig and supporting the ventilation at the club ;-):

Exotic ghosts starring at the audience from a dark window in the ceiling :

The guys have found a great old GRAMOFON! (LP -PLAYER) ;-)

Burning canvas: 

Frank and Kev had some fun playing this game ;-):

We had loads of fun playing for the open,warm and enthusiastic audience of the club. 

Photo by Jon Taylor

We were chatting with the audience long time before and after the gig and made some new musical friends.

Thanks to Jon and Sylvie for having us! Thanks to everybody who came to see our gig and made it such a great experience! We enjoyed a lot playing for you, guys! 

Good bye Bristol City, Good night The Bristol Fringe!

Street lights by night:

A white widow greeting us from the roof ! ;-)

This amazing street art reminded me Lauryn Hill from the old times : 


Good night everybody! See you tomorrow at the Sound Cellar in Poole!

Much love,