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SIRKIS/BIALAS IQ - Spring Tour 2017, Gig Nr.13 at THE ALEX, Felixtowe, UK

Dear Friends, 

Our spring tour brought us this time to the East Coast,  Felixtowe.

Let`s go! 

When the weather is resistant again and you start to count the wild pigeons on the sky not to see the grayish landscapes :-),

there`s always a way to keep cheerful. Here a small riddle for you:

- What name of a region could it be???:

HERE THE ANSWER! We just passed a bored ham that got stuck in some wood :-)))

An inconventional duett ;-):

Cloudy emerald moodscapes...

GLOOMY SUNDAY it was - as Billie sang...

RAPUNZEL; RAPUNZEL, throw me your hair! :-D

Felixtowe`s coastal flair:

The venue:


The Alex itself:



Practice sticks XXL:

"Soundchecking" and waiting for the gig!

Zygmunt - the whale caller and Sylwia the whale whisperer...:-):

Drums in motion

The gig was fun! We felt that after playing the new material intensely, everything starts to sound like "US" :-). Felixtowe is very lucky to have a great musician - Rob Palmer as a promoter organizing gigs at the The Alex! Thanks Rob for having us again so soon and for the much appreciated, kind words during the announcement of our gig !!!


A city flooded with red!

Planetary - constellation:


Setting off - time to drive back...Long way before us...

Waving from the aquarium ;-):

Shivering neons

Good night Alex!

Song of the wave...

A bit of poetry at the midnight hour:

Song Of The Wave

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The strong shore is my beloved
And I am his sweetheart.
We are at last united by love, and
Then the moon draws me from him.
I go to him in haste and depart
Reluctantly, with many
Little farewells.

I steal swiftly from behind the
Blue horizon to cast the silver of
My foam upon the gold of his sand, and
We blend in melted brilliance.

I quench his thirst and submerge his
Heart; he softens my voice and subdues
My temper.
At dawn I recite the rules of love upon
His ears, and he embraces me longingly.

At eventide I sing to him the song of
Hope, and then print smooth hisses upon
His face; I am swift and fearful, but he
Is quiet, patient, and thoughtful. His
Broad bosom soothes my restlessness.

As the tide comes we caress each other,
When it withdraws, I drop to his feet in

Many times have I danced around mermaids
As they rose from the depths and rested
Upon my crest to watch the stars;
Many times have I heard lovers complain
Of their smallness, and I helped them to sigh.

Many times have I teased the great rocks
And fondled them with a smile, but never
Have I received laughter from them;
Many times have I lifted drowning souls
And carried them tenderly to my beloved
Shore. He gives them strength as he
Takes mine.

Many times have I stolen gems from the
Depths and presented them to my beloved
Shore. He takes them in silence, but still
I give fro he welcomes me ever.

In the heaviness of night, when all
Creatures seek the ghost of Slumber, I
Sit up, singing at one time and sighing
At another. I am awake always.

Alas! Sleeplessness has weakened me!
But I am a lover, and the truth of love
Is strong.
I may be weary, but I shall never die.
— Khalil Gibran

Luminating baths

Red & Golden


Levitating tranquility



Golden wind

Rainy shapes of Lorrylay

Quarter notes

Sun behind the vail of liquid gold


LED HOOP on the highway ;-)

Who does remember this one? Brrrrrrr......

Police poetry:

Welcome to the red light district! Rooooooxannneee :-)

Stairway to heaven!

Sequin night

More gold...



After a long night drive we have finally bring Kevin to the Luton Station and drove home...

Good night Kev, good night everybody.

Sweet dreams and see you soon in Stratford! 

Much love, Sylwia & the Sirkis/Bialas IQ