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SIRKIS/BIALAS IQ - Spring Tour 2017, Gig Nr 15 at the LSE, London, UK

Dear Friends, the last three weeks were very intense and worky. That is why I am writing this blog with a little bit of delay.

I`d like to share with you the impressions from the gig with The Sirkis/Bialas IQ at The London School of Economic. 

Here some pictures from the way to the gig. The spring - explosion or "magnolias on the streets" :-)

Towers of powers:

London traffic

It is not an easy task to find a parkings space in the center...


crowdy, crowdy...

After some hours of unloading the car, searching for a parking space and setting up the gear, we`re ready to go...Here the venue...

Time for a proper soundcheck...

An academic ambience...

English flair...

book worm`s paradise:

Royal armchairs:

CD`s for sale...

LSE lightening:

Big brains :

This was a very short but enjoyable performance. The audience, used to listening to classic concerts kept the code of silence between the tunes - :-), we are not used to that...We got some really warm feedback after.

Time to pack our gear and to leave LSE. Thanks for having us again! 

This building ate too much!:

Wall of green:

Egyptian vibe:

Mirrors in the mirrors:

Rusty structures

Tunnel lights turning into wings:


Human nation...I like the way they integrated the lightening  into the picture :-). Or maby it was an accident...:-)))



Modern meets retro

Some seaside associations :-)


Circles and squares:

The wall of fame:

Viby, industrial afternoon:

This was a lunch time gig and Asaf is heading now to another gig that will happen tonight with Tim Garland and his Quartet. 

Bye guys, thanks for following us, see you soon in Sheffield!