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SIRKIS/BIALAS IQ - Spring Tour 2017, Gig Nr 16 at the Crookes Social Club, Sheffield, UK

Hello Peeps, :-)

Welcome to the next foto-blog with some impressions from the gig at the Crooke`s Club in Sheffield!

Let`s go!

Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-06 um 19.59.47.jpg

A rainy "English - weather" on the way to Sheffield...

I`m as always busy shooting some pictures for the blog :-)

This time we got both of the guys : Frank and Kev in the car. Nice to drive all together...

Asaf focused on the road...

Passing some farms...

Waves of white blossom:

Funky colors on the road - united colors of (...) :-) 

National transport:

This guy is in hurry! Good Luck!

Behind the raindrops:


A lonely cherry tree...

(...) A drunk tower : 

"Golden rain" explosion. By the way - they`re edible :-):

Wooh, some colors!:

Sheffield`s colorful buildings:

There was some serious traffic on the way to Sheffield, we came almost 1h late to the venue but we planed in advance and there was enough time to set up the gear and make a soundcheck.

Here the venue with an inviting statement :-):

Hands of a working man. :-)

Crooke`s Panorama:



Kevin`s epic face-time! :-D

Caught on the cam:

Reddish backstage:

Blues before the Jazzy storm :-):


Working place!

Zygmunt - the Waterphone and Fluffy sniffling on it`s bottom...

It was a great, enjoyable gig with some really nice and warm audience! We used our own PA system in this huge room and it turned out beautifully. Vary intimate and the people enjoyed the performance and the volume very much.

Time to set off the equipment and drive home...Still 3-4h before us...


City lights :

Some serious welding:




Let`s take it to the bridge:


Fiery truck:

Green Hooks:

Geometric levitation :

Highway`s Fireflies:


Rainbow body occurrence:

Emergency blues:

Radiating sketches:


Alphabetic numerology:

Shadows of the shadows in reds, oranges and whites:


Red thunder lorry:

Converted questions:

M 25

Yawning opera :-))):

Glow worms:

After 3,5h of driving we finally got to our homes. Much love to all of you, thank you for traveling with us! See you soon in London! :-)

Sylwia & the Sirkis/Bialas IQ