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SIRKIS/BIALAS IQ - Spring Tour 2017, Gig Nr 17 at the Broomhill Art Hotel, Broomhill, UK

Dear friends, 

It is the last gig from our Spring tour supported by Arts Council of  England. 

This one takes us to the enchanted Broomhill Art Hotel. Let me take you with us there...Knowing about the amazing scenery of this place, me, Asaf and Marco, guest and good friend (pianist) from Germany, decided to go there one day earlier to celebrate my birthday. Frank and Kev were joining us one day later.

On the way to Broomhill we have stopped in Glastonbury and went for a nice hike to the idyllic green gables and orchards of the Glastonbury Tor.

The weather was fantastic and the encounter with a huge flock of  sheep absolutely made our day :-)!


Marco`s attempt to communicate with the sheep ;-)

Hiking in the direction of the setting sun...

Glastonbury`s old orchards...

Apple trees just started to bloom...

Magic...Light, leaves, even the mosquitos looked like fireflies this afternoon ;-)

SIRKIS/BIALAS - photo by Marco Netzbandt

Dandelions, ready to carry some dreams...

Turtle on a tree:

History through leaves

Red tulips on the way to the city:

Closer to the sky:

Almost seven :

Hearty tree:

Glastonbury town:

Sun landing:

Faun in the flora...Glastonbury shops are the best ;-)))

Speaking forest: 

Sunset on the highway:

After a shortish drive we got to the Hotel - time to sleep and wake up fresh to discover all the exciting nooks of this beautiful area...Good night!


Good morning Broomhill Arts Hotel!


There was no champagne bottle

Greeting the sky:

Bumble bee`s pink paradise:

Get ready for the colorful explosion:


Out of the respect to the artists I always write all the credits for the artworks that I`m posting on this blog. This time it would be simply impossible, because this amazing place just explodes with numerous creations of all kind. The owners of this place,  Rinus and his wife did a tremendous work putting all these artworks in the context of the building and the incredible wild nature around this area...They did it with loads of love and passion...See yourself.

Here the link to the website where all the exhibiting artists are listed 

And all that through my eyes...: 

The thinkers :-):

Explosion of an easter egg:

Beautiful...The weather was so sunny and mild...

Metal & stone  meet green leaves:

alien shapes...

Magic mushrooms on a beautiful swamp...

Nop, it is not a sand path:



Lost in arty paradise...

A quiet place...

Fairy stream:


Shine on me:

" A stick, a stone..."

Dragon eye-ball?

Springy bush-bushy Spring!

Wild  "bear`s garlic" (Allium Ursinum). Asaf is safe. ;-))))

They just looked down on us and wondered:

Elve`s kingdom:

Flat number 1, Dwarf`s Street, Broomhill


Touching the sky:

Leafy universe:

Watery curves :



Wild blossom:

Silent shades...

Silvery shining:

Mossy bridge:


Greenish transparency:


Cool sunlight:

Tree hugging or hugging trees?

Evy`s Ascention 

Still belonging but transformed:

A colorful, peaceful army:

Let`s get in. Time to set up the gear for tonight`s gig. It was great to recharge our batteries and get a serious amount of the precious vitamin D!

I really like this fusion of styles, diversity of colors, moods and brave settings of the exposed artworks at the Broomhill Art Hotel:

The exhibition / performance room:

Marco`s happy face! We`re all looking forward to the gig.

Soundcheck among the fluorescent flowers, moos, lichen and mushrooms:

:-)... It makes you think. 

It was a very nice gig and a fabulous hang with the promoters. Aniet brought us some beautiful food and Rinus opened some organic wine. Great time in a great company.

Thank you guys for having us at the Art Hotel and for your warm hospitality.

Check out their yummy food  HERE!

Check out their yummy food HERE!

Here some more artworks!

Waving mirror-sun upside down. 

My favs:

I asked them where is the Hatter - they were too busy to answer discussing something important...


Trippy glass

Various room perspectives:

Aladdin Lamp? 

Good night! What a great day it was...


A room in a room:

A monumental steal griffin...

Good bye Broomhill, bye Rinus and Aniet!!! Thank you for everything and keep doing this amazing job, keeping this place so vital and artful!


Transparent greens on the way back...

Broomhill City 

Seagulls rule! :-)

The weather got grayish and sun cooled down:

We passed Paris and the Jurassic Park on the way ;-)...If you red the valentine`s special blog from the 14.02 - you`ll get the joke ;-))))

The weather cries - our tour is over! 

Thanks so much for following us!!! Thanks for being there with us and for your support - it`s VERY APPRECIATED! Thanks to the Arts Council England for making this tour possible. Thanks to Frank, Kevin, Ivo, Tomasz, Yaron, all the promoters and to the amazing audience. 

Much love from Sylwia, Asaf and the Sirkis/Bialas IQ!!!

P.S. The tour is over but the new recordings are before us. We`re also very excited to share with you the feedback from the audiences after our tour.

Stay tuned for all the news : following gigs, recordings, ideas etc.