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Dear Friends,

To close our Spring Tour 2017, I`d love to share with you the precious feedback from our Audiences. It was very exciting to ask the listeners directly about their thoughts and reflections about our music. About 200 people of different age, from smaller and bigger towns, of different nationalities and music preferences kindly took some time to write what they think about our new material and here are their words (I`m going to use only their first names to respect everybody`s privacy): 

Absolutely amazing, a breath of fresh air, inspirational composition, performance and musicianship, please come back!
— Tad, Bristol
Haunting Vocals, mesmeric 6 string bass patterns, complex keyboard structure and a percussionist whose fear of polish bears drives him to rhythms of extraordinary pulse ☺...
Well done Arts Council!!!
— Whitney, Barnstaple
Mesmerizing! Compelling
— Suze, Bristol
Great emotional dynamic: from delicate beauty to intense force! Excellent combination from all musicians throughout the evening!
— Mark, Bristol
Amazing! I think it`s an excellent choice to sing without words/in polish, it gives the whole experience a deeper, more real twist. Generally, I think the music is brilliant- transports one to different existence! Very wild and untamed!
— Elina, London
Wonderful! Keep playing your hearts out!
— Sebastian, Bristol
It was a fantastic night of a lovely range of styles of music. Brilliant musicians and a brilliant singer Sylwia. I really enjoyed it!
— Jan, London
Great Musicianship from the entire Quartet!
Very Enjoyable.
— Mark, Cheltenham
Really enjoyed the performance. I know little about Jazz but I am a new fan now because of hearing you!
— Tim, London
1St class band! Highly recommended.
— W, Cheltenham
Brilliant! Lovely! Great!
— John, Cheltenham
An amazing performance!
Thank you for emotional drill!
Pleasure to see people that enjoy their own Oeuvre!
— Nikita, Cheltenham
Brilliant! Wonderful
— Anthea, Cheltenham
Thank you!
Incredible musicianship, loved the combination of sounds, aspecially voice.
— Sophia, Cheltenham
I`m excited, very interested in creative Jazz! You have a great combo, it was marvellous, please come again!
— Jane, Monmouth
The music was inspirational. It is VITAL for the music – musicians – pubs-communities-young people-old people- international relations – the future- the past – now- us.
Thank you!!!
— Laurie, Monmouth
We are so very lucky to be in Monmouth tonight! Monmouth is so very lucky to have you folks in town! What a beautiful cross-cultural mix! Crossing borders, inspiring everything we should be doing! Thank you so much Asaf, Sylwia, Frank and Kevin!
— Hugh, Monmouth
Brilliant Musicianship – inspiring / soul searching
— Colin, Monmouth
Superb, Top Quality, Innovative +exciting Jazz! I love it!
— Mark, Monmouth
Fab as always! Can we have some lyrics from Sylwia sometime?
— Rosie, Monmouth
Your music is original and rather mysterious, but mostly accessible. The voice used purely as an instrument takes a bit of getting used to. It`s growing on me! Brilliant percussion.
— Steve, Monmouth
Wonderful live Jazz, much appreciated!
— Peter, Monmouth
I`ve been looking forward to this gig for weeks – wasn`t disappointed!!! Sublime playing!
— Paul, Hereford
What a privilege to be able to hear such an inspiring new music in our small Devon Town! A fantastic gig!
— Francis, Ashburton
Complex rhythms, intelligent + sublime – fabulous voice of Sylvie and those high held notes- impressive!
— Carolyn, Ashburton
The workshop this afternoon was really inspiring and a new insight into rhythm and a different way of learning rhythm – a new (Konnakol) language. Sylwia`s vocal aids were brilliant! The concert was superb!!! Thank you !
— Anthea, Devon
— Tom, Totnes
Thought I was going to hate it but I loved it!!! Wonderful combination of sound and I so enjoyed human vocal being used as a musical instrument as opposed to „singing“.
— Janet
I`m so impressed! You are amazing!!! I`ll follow your way! Wish you the BEST! Very happy, Anna.
— Anna, Taunton
Such talented musicians! I love being surrounded by sound not just having it second hand on an electronic device.
— Monica, Taunton
Excellence - thanks to arts council for funding tours in small venues in small towns!
— Clive, Taunton
A superb Jazz combo. Fantastically talented musicians. Wonderful. They deserve an audience 20x bigger then are here. The drummer is totally brilliant. All great musicians and fabulous singer!
— Martin, Taunton
Took me to a higher plane – Superb!
— Martin, Salisbury
Awesome performance - loved it!
— Adrian, Wimborne
Most contemporary Jazz I have heard (so far). A unique experience. A remarkable quartet! TAKING RISKS!
— Richard, Bournemouth
Very contemporary and unique sound. Great to hear LIVE and listen to mindful, clever combination of keyboard, bass, drums and the VOICE as an instrument. Shame this is not available more to many – it`s a sound that may not appeal to all at first but once you get into it- it`s AMAZING. Thank you!
— Marylyn, Dorset
— Everton, London
Stunning performance!
Thank you!
— Ian, London
Superb Technique
Amazing stage presence
Fascinating composition
— Francesco, London
Loved Kevin`s bass playing
Love Fender rhodes
— Pat, Guilford
Great Music
Interesting and very exciting range of pieces
— John, Bristol
Amazing sounds – life enhancing music – THANK YOU!
— Lucy, Farnham
Loved the Indian vocalisation on Vortex !!! This kind of Jazz is new to me but the musicianship is amazing and Sylwia`s voice sounds incredible. Really enjoyed listening to it!
— Paule, Bristol
Amazing collaboration - thank you! What a WONDERFUL vocal „instrumentation“ but beautifully powerfully timbre with fabulous pianist, bass and percussion. A treat!
— Jackie, Bristol
I is so great to hear talented musicians playing live original compositions. Thank you.
— Sophie , Bristol
Great to see an adventurous original Jazz. Personally always delighted seeing electric bass ☺
— Alex, Bristol
Brilliant musicians and a stimulating mix of sound and musical influences. Good decision to come. Loved it all!
— Will, Bristol
WOWZSER ! <3 <3 <3
— Jude, Bristol
Brilliant, innovative, vitruosic!
Musicians giving 200%
— John, Bristol
Tonight’s Sirkis/Bialas IQ gig at the Xposed Club was fantastic. Thanks to Stuart Wilding for organising and I look forward to future events. Thanks of course to Asaf Sirkis & Sylwia Bialas for their amazing musical contributions tonight and great to chat with them too. It was a great little EppyFest 5 reunion, what with Ed Wilkins & Cynthia Maher Spencer also being present. And the new material the quartet played tonight was absolutely mind-blowing! And in the waterphone I may have found my new favourite musical instrument! Really looking forward to the new Sirkis/Bialas IQ album, even more so now that I’ve heard the quality of the new tracks that were played tonight. And a final thanks to Kate Gordon for bringing tonight’s gig to my attention in the first place - I might have missed it otherwise.
— Ian Fairholm, Eppy Gibbon Radio Show
It was pretty damn fine.
I was impressed with everyone’s work. The pianist, so good. The bassist, had my attention much of the evening (including his 6-string instr). And of course Asaf and Sylvia. Rarely have I encountered 2 artists who bring such different things to the table but who complement each other so incredibly well.
All in all, superb!
— Tom, an American composer
Wonderful band. So in tune with each other – a rare talent.
— Katherine, Taunton
EXTRAORDINARY!!! Incredibly talented and skilled musicians! Thank you for coming to Taunton!
— Bozena, Taunton
Brilliant night and what fantastic class performance. Regards Rob.
— Rob, Taunton
Great to see you again and looking forward to the next album when it comes out!
— Richard, Suffolk
Excellent concert! Creative and adventurous.
— Tom, Ipswich
Amazing gig- innovative, exciting and really enjoyable – Loved it!
— John, Felixtowe
Imaginative, Original, just brilliant!
— Tony, Felixtowe
Completely Original – that`s good!
— Peter, Felixtowe
Her voice is enchanting. Being used to words and lyrics, I stil did although not there... They all play so wonderfully together!
Thank you for a “free“ gig!
— Catherine, Felixtowe
Lovely gig, unusual & interesting.
— Simon, Sheffield
Thank you so much. A privilege to hear such band at a small venue in Sheffield
A fabulous experience, thank you!
— Francis, Sheffield
Amazing talent in one band! Have heard Sirkis in big venues but not in such intimate surroundings.
— Carole, Sheffield
A brilliant fresh sound , lovely interplay between instruments and voice. Good luck with future recordings!
— Rob, Stratford Upon Avon
A beautiful blend of soaring vocals, „exciting rhythms“ and melodies. Throughout enjoyable
— Eileen, Coventry
Very talented musicians. A variety of innovative songs, interesting instrumentation and challenging sounds. I particularly liked the vocal percussive effects that introduced „vortex“. A privilege to enjoy this music in such an intimate venue...
— David, Stratford upon Avon
Great musicians
— Steve, Pershore
Exciting, unique sound. The waterphone was transfixing. Musicians individually great + ensemble
— Denise, Stratford upon Avon
A feast for the soul and senses. That was amazing, thank you so much for an uplifting evening!
— Charlotte, Stratford upon Avon
— Julia, Stratford upon Avon
Amazing vocals! Loved the Indian singing too!
— Bethany, Stratford upon Avon
Really enjoyed the music this evening + the new music is great! ☺
— Sue, Birmingham
The whole evening was tremendous, with complex rhythms and chords.
I enjoyed the new work!
— Phil, Birmingham
I have a preference for classical music and classical Jazz, yet the performance was very good. The first piece sounded „interstellar“.I really liked Chiaroscuro,
— Roland, London
Perfect show!
Roaming in the different world.
— Chunesa, London
New music live is always worth listening to.
— M.J., London
A real ear stretching hour. I like all forms of music – this was especially challenging at times but also VERY MOVING.
Well done!!!
— Bill, London
Quite Stirring. <3 <3 <3
Thank you for being real! MORE ! MORE !
— J.E. London
You are all very talented musicians. Love Frank Harrison on the piano and keyboards. Sylwia feels the music in her heart and has truly beautiful voice. Asaf owns the drums and plays them with all his techniques just like Sylwia. Plays with body and soul! Very original and spezial.
— E., London
Thank you for playing at LSE, Super Quartet! Loved the polish ballad especially!!!
— Konni, Luton
Delightful compositions, expertly played and vocalized! Thank you.
— Clive, London
Wonderful sound- great chemistry on stage.
— Yasir, London
Lovely music – and all new stuff – keep it up!Looking forward to the organ stuff, Asaf!
— Paul, Southend on Sea
It was really soothing and beautifully performed.
— Alishba, London
Beautiful music to think to. I aspecially enjoyed Asaf`s composition dedicated to his father.
— Olivia, London
Such good cross cultural music making deserves support from the Arts Council! Aspecially in troubling times!
— Ian, Sheffield
Totally brilliant, loved the gig, took me back to „Return To Forever“ with Flora Purim on vocals. Electric piano - best thing ever!
— Dave, Sheffield
Thanks for coming to Sheffield to perform live for us – very stimulating performance!
— Sheila, Sheffield
A very stimulating, exciting performance. The waterphone was a revelation! Loved the Southindian vocal percussion!
— Annie+ Steve, Sheffield
Loved the piano solos + themes...Mere some glorious moments
— Ellie, Sheffield
Very musical+original – certainly not „straight ahead“ Jazz. Interesting use of voice as an instrument and an indian percussive effects!
— John Halstead, Sheffield
Very original sound – love the VOCALS – clearly high standard of musicianship.
— Jane, Sheffield
Innovative great Jazz, a breath of fresh air.
— Paul, Sheffield
Unexpected and very inventive, aspecially the waterharp and the vocal percussion.
— Daniel, Sheffield
Extraordinary music. Original, transcendent, international + influenced by different cultures, enlightening and inspiring
— Richard, Sheffield
Beautiful music, great sound and relationship between musicians.
— David, Sheffield
What an original and refreshingly different blend from 4 excellent musicians! Exceptional evening ☺ Thank you!
— Pat, Sheffield
Very inventive - good to hear something different. THANKS!
— David, Sheffield
Interesting melodic interplay between each instrument & voice. We have seen a bear in Tatra Mountains! At a distance!
— Deborah, Barnstaple
Fantastic! What about Tablas (Indian Drums)? I think you had some spezial mushrooms in the polish woods!!!
— Lynne, Bideford
Stunning, mesmerising sound – spinetingling vocals from Bialas. Virtuoso musicians.
— Miriam, Shillingford, Devon
What a great Quality! Really enjoyed our evening at Broomhill. Would come again if opportunity exists.
— Alan & Miriam, Tiverton, Devon