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Sirkis/Bialas IQ - Spring Tour 2016, Gig No.3 at the BYOC, London, UK

Dear Peeps,
A few days of touring and it feels like we`re on the road since a long time.
Probably the daily amount ofdriving and all that kilometers we made put every experience in different frames.
On the 10th of May we played in a venue in London called BYOC:

It was the first time that this venue hosted a live band. The gig has been organized by Patrick, the former owner of AJANI.
Was so nice to meet him again. Patrick is a sweet person and a real music lover. We`re waiting for your own new Venue to be opened, Patrick! xxx

As the gig happened as a spontaneous part of the tour - we had a huge luck and pleasure to play with our “good old” friend :-) and a great musician Yaron Stavi on the electric bass. It was so funny to realize that Yaron, Asaf and Frank that normally were used to play together as a part of Gilad Atzmon`s Ensembles and inspite the fact that they know each other since years, they haven`t really play all together before in the other context. That was fun! :-).

The evening got really long and after the set with our touring material we ended up playing some standards. Funny thing - it does feel a bit awkward to touch the american songbook after such an intense time spent with playing originals ;-)…Anyway, whatever you play with those guys is a feast for the ears and an exercise for the hips :-)))!

When the band burns and is hyper-lively it is a hard task to take some pictures - I guess our dear friend, Corinna - had to struggle trying to “nail” the bouncing Yaron onto a proper photography! hahah, much much love to you both xxx !

Pics from the gig, taken by Corinna Hentschel, thank you, dear :-)! :

LOVE IS IN THE AIR - Yaron & Corinna:

On way home...

Thank you guys, for a great time! Next station : HULL!