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Sirkis/Bialas IQ - Spring Tour 2016, Gig No.2 in Hen & Chicken, Bristol, UK

Back on the road with Kevin Glasgow!


We got here summer in May. Beautiful landscapes on way to Bristol and the first gig with Asaf`s new set of crotales.

Spending all that time in a car gives me loads of time to reflect things...

Touring with your own band, performing your own music means tapping into the most intense process of exploring your creativity, adjustability, dealing with struggles,  feeling joy, managing difficulties,  fighting tiredness, sometimes being "high" of euphoria, sometimes knocked out of frustration. It means feeling alive and getting to know your capabilities and limits and being in the middle of emotional vortex that carries you from one venue to another, from one audience to another...

You feel responsible for your music, for your band folks, for delivering the best of your expression, the best of yourself, for sharing your love to what you do and letting others into your sacred zone putting yourself out there...

Wayne Shorter said that musicians and artists of all kinds are the most vulnerable beings that stomp on earth. We are like children... He said that vulnerability is he birthplace of creativity and the most honest kind of expression. That we are lucky to experience moving the others and connect them and with them through what we create...

Each time we are stuck in the traffic, the PA system doesn`t work the way it should, the promoter is difficult, the acoustic of the venue or the gig fees suck, the lack of sleep takes it`s tall on our health and, and (...)– it is good to remember those words and feel grateful for this gift of doing what we love to do, sharing what we want to share and trying to make people feel more then they`re used to allow themselves in the reality of our times...

Starting to get a bit philosophic, I guess... This would be a perfect moment for Frank Harrison to bring me back to earth with one of his “grouding” jokes...Because „how long can you stay serious“... :-)

I truly love those guys... Kevin just played several gigs at Ronnie Scott`s with his amazing trio and is in his best „musically - shedding“ mode at the moment :-). Check them out!

Frank practiced Elmo`s Song with his little daughter in all 12 keys, which definitely brought his transcendental solos to an even more spaced out dimension and Asaf... Well, this most incredible soul of a man manages to make all this happen. He is the heart and spine of this band. The most passionate, inspiring and giving being I`ve ever met. Feeling lucky to be a part of this crew and ready for everything that this tour is going to bring!

Loading the batteries of my photo cam, preparing the equipment and trying to rest a bit today...

Tomorrow London with Yaron Stavi!

We`re all are looking forward to see Izabella and Wojtek tomorrow night - people like them make the life of a musician even more colorful :-)

Stay tuned!


P.S. Slawek Orwat - thank you for supporting our tour XXX!